Pet Memorials

"Moosie" was the light of our life. She gave us 15 years of absolute pleasure. Her positivity, endurance, enjoyment of life, and love for all who came into contact with her was an inspiration. There are not words to describe the joy she gave us or the pain of her passing. She loved us to the full and loved us to the end. We will never forge...(read more)
Karen Sinkler
September 25, 2016
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Melissa Roth, DVM
Dr. Melissa Roth is an amazing person. She gave her heart and soul to Lexi in her final moments.
I knew that Lexi felt extremely loved by her and trusted that everything would be ok as Dr. Melissa looked into
her eyes, spoke to her and petted her. She was truly an Angel of compassion and peace to Lexi and our family.
Thank you so much! W...(read more)
Monika Woods
September 25, 2016
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