Pet Memorials

When he came into my life, everything changed.
I started holding friends to a much higher standard of loyalty and love.
I befriended crazy dog people and my life revolved around making him happy.
I bought a house with a fenced yard to give him the best of dog living.
I met and took in a stray jack russell b/c I couldn't imagine anyone giving...(read more)
Jamie Sprague
December 20, 2014
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Brad Bates, VMD
Dr. Brad came to see my precious Mr. Four (yellow lab) this morning for a hospice consultation. Four has been through 2 near death experiences in the past year. At 11 1/2, we understand that he is closer to the end of his life and wanted Dr. Brad to assess his pain level so that he is comfortable.
This was not Dr. Brad's first visit to my h...(read more)
Jess Kelly
December 21, 2014
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