Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/12/2005 - 3/18/2015Sometimes in life we meet a person or an animal and there is a connection, a special connection. If a dog could be your soul mate, mine would be Raven. I have loved that girl since we first went to Colorado to get her. Maya Ananda trusted us with that little black and white baby whom I love with all my heart. She was the most adorable puppy ever. She was full of fun and love from the get go. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone who met her wanted to take her home. She was such a loving and funny girl.
God this is hard. I just wanted her to be here forever but we all know they go over that bridge way to soon. A very large piece of my heart has been ripped out tonight and I truly will never be the same. Thank God we had the opportunity to have this sweet and loving girl in our life for 10 years. We love you Raven, aka Ray Ray. Run free baby girl and find your Howie Boy and go play…..Rest in Peace Cold Mtn’s Raven’s Song at Toivo, our Sweat Baby Ray…Thank you Dr Christie from Lap of Love for being there for us and Raven. You made this bad time so much easier.
Don and Roberta ToivolaStreamwood, IllinoisMarch 20, 2015
3/17/2015Midnight was a very special cat and I will miss him terribly, he was loving, kind and sweet and everyone loved him who came in contact with himEllen KurzdorferBuffalo, New YorkMarch 19, 2015
4/6/2007 - 3/15/2015Rocky, you brought such joy and love into our home. Words can not say how much we miss you and how thankful we are for the time we had with you. I still can not believe I am never going to be greeted at the door with your wagging tail and have you herd me to the kitchen for your afternoon treat. The house is empty without you. But we are happy that your are at peace and not suffering. Know that you were completely and unconditionally loved!!Melissa Sablevoorhees, New JerseyMarch 18, 2015
4/27/2015 - 3/17/2015Mysti was a fighter. She had the spirit of a go-getter. She was first diagnosed with cancer at age 5 and she has had numerous cancers all over her body. Through it all, she always fought back. She was struggling these past two weeks. She was losing the battle when she couldn't get up and walk on her own. We had to help her. That's when we knew it was time. It's a hard decision to make, but thank GOD there are people like Dr. Dana out there who are willing to come to your house and help you through this process. It's a difficult time as it is, but knowing you don't have to take your dog out of their living environment and comfort is a big help. The process was really smooth and painless. Our princess just went to sleep. She is now not suffering anymore. Thank you Dr. Dana.Laura SousaMorrisville, North CarolinaMarch 17, 2015
5/1/2001 - 3/16/2015Soco, although your fur holds more of my tears than I thought I could ever shed, please know that I can be strong like you and I will keep you close in my heart until we meet again. I love you.Cortney BerbenDurham, North CarolinaMarch 17, 2015
1/13/2003 - 3/15/2015Poboy (Portobello) was not holding anything down more than a half hour the last three days. He could hardly hold himself up as he did his business.
We had seen it coming for almost six months. I registered with the Lap of Love and uploaded his photo in February, after a very bad patch that I thought was his last, but he seemed to stabilize for a couple of weeks before resuming his decline. In February I spoke with Dr. Jeni Bansel briefly on the phone asking for details of how to call her, how much lead time she would need, when we were ready to make the call. 
Today, in the late afternoon, before Dr. Bansel was called and arrived. I would bring water over to him in the twist-on lid of a jar, and he would take sips.
Today at 5:30pm I called the Lap of Love number to ask Jeni to euthanize Poboy, and Dr. Jeni Bansel said she could, and she came over at 7:30pm.
My wife Dawn, Dr. Bansel, and I sat on the ceramic tile kitchen floor around the weakened PoBoy who had been lying still there for hours on end, eyes barely open.
Jeni has a great bedside manner, very gentle, loving, as she stroked Poboy and cooed loving and comforting phrases to him.
The first attempt giving him the anesthetic was surprising to us all. Poboy opened his eyes, turned his head and snapped.
He did not go gentle into that good night. He raged, raged, raged against the dying of the light. Good boy!
But, we had no doubt that he was not ready to go. He again rested his chin on the floor. A few moments later, I drew him to my lap, and I held his head in the crook of my right elbow, his body pressing against my chest, my right palm curling around to hold the top of his neck, my right cheek on the top of his head, my left arm cradling him. Jeni gave him the anesthetic. We pet him for ten minutes as we treasured his final sleep, a fitting rest for his faithful, busy and loving life. I broke down with sobs, but somehow I was also trying to say 'Good Boy' over and over, in a positive way, not a sad way, into his good left ear. He had to know to the very end that Daddy was very happy with him and proud of him.
Next, Jeni gave him the second dose to end his suffering. As I continued to hold him, Dawn and I watched carefully at his normal breathing in and out, knowing it would soon stop. And in a few seconds, it did stop.
Dawn and I held hands and looked tearfully at him and each other. He did rage against the light and he did go into a better place, into that good night. It was 8:24pm.
Jeni got a basket from her car as we let our other two dogs sniff Poboy, and just a quick sniff was taken by each. They immediately knew.
Jeni returned and we gently moved him into the shallow basket. I picked it up and we three, Dawn, Jeni, and I, went out to Jeni's car.
I put him in the passenger seat and said 'Good Boy!' one last time into his good ear, thinking he might dimly still hear me as his brain was shutting down and he was voyaging onward with that knowledge firmly assuring and encouraging him, and with something of my presence somehow accompanying him. Dawn said her final words to him too.
Good bye, good boy. In many unforgettable ways, you made the world a better place.
Portobello PhillipsGainesville, FloridaMarch 16, 2015
8/3/1998 - 3/13/2015Chewbacca "Chewie" Chiappone (aka Bubba, Hairy Monster and Chewers) came into my life over 16.5 years ago. He was rescued from a shelter in Columbus, OH at 8 weeks old. Since then, he has been with me, and even traveled with me to live abroad in Germany. Chewie was not a perfect dog; he certainly tore up things in his early years and suffered from separation anxiety. But, he was always by your side, offering you his companionship and his love. Although nearly 50 pounds, Chewie often considered himself a lap dog and also slept most of his years in our bed. He had an insatiable love of salmon skin, sweet potatoes, pizza crusts and ice cream. He enjoyed running thru the forest, playing in snow, chasing squirrels, lizards, and ducks and loved going for walks and playing with his Kong. He would tear up/kill any toy up you gave him for Christmas in 2 minutes flat. Chewie was my first pet. I never knew how much you could love an animal until he came into my life. Chewie passed away today at peace, surrounded by his brother, Chico, myself and my ex-husband, Danny. We told him how much we loved him, thanked him for all the love he gave us, and that we would see him again someday. In the meantime, I wish for him to be young again, to have a never ending supply of treats, and all of the forest to run and to play. You will always be forever in our hearts. For those of you who knew Chewie, please raise a glass in his honor and remember your favorite story about him. RIP, Chewie. xoxoKerri CBoca Raton, FloridaMarch 16, 2015
Dahlia Joy
5/23/2006 - 3/12/2015Our sweet guardian Dahlia Joy left us with the help of Dr. Jason last Thursday. She has a gentle giant with the love only a dog her size could hold. She was our silent protector, our emotional sweetheart and part of our hearts. Her love for kids made her wiggle every time one was near. She loved to run and most of her life was unable to do so due to her joint health. I know she is running painlessly in heaven now and will be sun bathing the days away. While our hearts are broken without her here, we know she is peaceful and made our lives a joy while she was with us. She leaves behind a mom and dad who loved her very much and 2 children who grew up with her by their side. Rest in peace Big Strong Beautiful Girl. You will always be in our hearts.Robi JohnstonSeattle, WashingtonMarch 16, 2015
6/27/1997 - 3/13/2015Unconditional Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Support, Comfort, Companionship... these are just some of the intangible blessings contributed to my life that has made it whole over the past eighteen years. My fuzzy buddy gave these things to me so freely, and I will be forever grateful to him for it. About two thirds of my journey so far has been enriched by the real love of my life, Coal. I will remember him each day to come, and never forget the gift of having him. He is wonderful in every way; he is perfect. He is magnificent, one of a kind, and he will always have his place in my heart. I love you, Coal. Thank you for everything.Ashley ClelandEnola, PennsylvaniaMarch 15, 2015
3/11/2015I met you after I called the Humane Society of Silicon Valley and asked if they had any obese, middle aged dogs to adopt, because I wanted to have something in common with my pet. I’d never had a pet before. When they brought you in to meet me, you weren’t exactly what I was expecting, but I bet you could also say the same about me.

You had been in two shelters, first as a puppy, and then when your family abandoned you at about 8 years old. I took you home for a try out, and we decided to keep each other. We began walking together for a half hour each day, and over the next year, I lost 120 pounds and you lost about 25. We became best friends, and did everything together.

As our friendship grew, it became obvious that what you cared about most in life was protecting me. On our walks, you were on patrol to vanquish evil-doers from our neighborhood. At home, I didn't understand why you insisted on sleeping in the doorway of my bedroom at night, until I realized that your mission was to protect me by guarding the entrance to the cave.

I was unconscious until you came into my life. I never knew what love was until you showed me the true meaning of unconditional love. I never knew what friendship was or really cared about anyone other than myself until you showed me the true meaning of selflessness. And I never knew what responsibility was until you became responsible for me. I became dedicated to becoming the person that you thought I was, and I am now a better man in every aspect of my life because of what you taught me.

Dogs get old before their people, and as you began to slow down and turn gray, I knew the day would come when we would part, I just hoped we would have longer than five years together. But this past week when I had to go out of town on business, I received word that your body was shutting down and you had stopped eating and drinking. I flew back home to be with you, and last night I slept on the floor next to you, pressing a wet washcloth against your lips all night so you could get moisture. You began breathing heavily, and this morning I knew you were at the end, so I called a pet hospice service for help. But before the hospice vet arrived, when I was holding you and we were looking at each other, you shuddered softly and I felt the life leave your body. And then your pain was gone and you lay at peace.

I love you so much and I will remember you every day of my life. Wait for me at the bridge on the riverbank, be a good boy and play in the grass and flowers, and when you see me next we will cross that bridge together into the next life.
Eric O'GreySeattle, WashingtonMarch 14, 2015