Pet Memorials
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2/7/2016 - 7/7/2016I love you so much My Lil Layla You will always be in our hearts Love you always n forever Your Best friends Mommy Angie and Daddy ToneAngie EscobedoGary, IndianaJuly 8, 2016
7/8/2016We drove out to port Washington animal shelter on a friday rainy night. We sat in traffic both ways but she was worth it. My family and I walked in looked around. All sorts of dogs were barking saying pick me pick me. Out of all the barking there was one cute boack lab mix just sitting there quietly and i said thats the one. She was so sweet only 8 weeks old. My son was close to same age and they always played together ruffhousing around and yet she knew not to bite anyone. Everyday we get home she would jump up to greet us happily. She was potty trained in about a week she was very smart. Then when we had our inground pool installed, we couldnt keep her out, she LOVED THE WATER. She always listened as if she was human. Always slept in my room on the floor and the end of the bed. Never went to bathroom in the house always held it in.
A few months ago, i was taking her to petco to get her nails cut, and she acted weird not wanting to get out of the van. She finally did and stumpled and almost fell she couldnt walk. I picked her up and drove to the animal hospital and they did a sonogram and found a cist in her spleen and one on her kidney. They wanted to put her down right then and there and I said no way. From there on she had good days and bad ones. Last 2 weeks she wouldnt eat much and was losing weight. I didnt want to end her life and go on Gods time but the look she has on her face looking at me was saying, please help me, let me go.
Randy ManciniCoram, New YorkJuly 8, 2016
7/7/2016On 07 July 2016, our beloved Zeus lost his battle to cancer. The grief that we are experiencing has been extremely difficult to bear, but we know that all dogs DO go to heaven and our precious pup is out of all of his pain and misery. Zeus was more than just a dog, he was our child. Unconditional love, never ending kisses & hugs, compassionate, understanding, loyal, protective, obedient, great listener and overall just a gift from God. We are a Military family so Zeus had the opportunity to travel to many places and see many things. From the mountains to the oceans and everything in between. We will forever be grateful for the time that we got to spend with him and will look forward to holding him again when we get to heaven. We love you and miss you Zeusy...yesterday, today, forever. Mommy, Daddy, Jessycah & Dakota JonesGinger Lynn JonesLas Vegas, NevadaJuly 8, 2016
7/5/2016Good-bye dear friend. I am eternally grateful to you. “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” - Helen KellerDarlene OrlowskiLevittown, PennsylvaniaJuly 8, 2016
11/4/1999 - 7/5/2016I will miss you my beautiful girl.Mandy MckellarLas vegas, NevadaJuly 7, 2016
12/14/2004 - 7/2/2016Viper was very sweet and loving. He was also very protective not only of us but of our other 2 dog. He is missed so much already, there will never be another doggie like him. He will be in our hearts forever. We are at peace knowing that all dogs go to heaven and although he did not show pain on the outside we know he is not suffering on the inside. Our home will never be the same without him.Jeannie SmithPompano Beach, FloridaJuly 7, 2016
2/9/2004 - 6/27/2016Dory stopped eating her dog food and we thought she was being finicky because she was getting older. When she stopped eating her treats, we knew something was wrong. We received a cancer diagnosis from the vet's office and knew we needed to bring her home to spend one last day with us. We spent the day doing one her favorite things, walking. We put her in our wagon and drove her around for about an hour. We took her to her favorite places around the neighborhood, let her get out of the wagon, smell around, and walk around. We told her our favorite memories and not so favorite memories as we petted her and hoped she was comforted knowing we were there for her and that her pain would soon be gone. Our house and hearts are so empty without her. Dory Puppy… dog ever! In our hearts forever.Renee and Mark KavalarAuburn Hills, MichiganJuly 6, 2016
2/12/2010 - 6/29/2016Lucky was the greatest rescue dog ever and we miss him a lot. Lucky loved his walks, his humans, and treats. He especially loved ice-cream, banana's and peanut butter, all of which he rarely got because it was people food. Lucky loved snuggling, having a bed in every room of our house, and sleeping with his mom and dad. Lucky fought hard to survive the cancer but unfortunately it became too much for him. We will always remember all the good times we had with Lucky, his tail wags, and his love he gave unconditionally. We love you and miss you Lucky Bones!Jessica StyersEast Petersburg, PennsylvaniaJuly 6, 2016
7/1/2016The world lost the gentlest and sweetest dog when Miles passed away last week and our whole family lost a friend. Miles was a long term stray when we adopted him from PAWS so we never knew exactly how old he was, (about 1 or 2) but we had him for 11 years and while he was with us he had a good life and lots of fun. Miles enriched all our lives, he was such a sweet and quirky dog- he didn't like the dog park, he preferred a paved path to the grass, he grazed at his food all day long instead of ever gobbling it up, he circled and circled before he would find the perfect spot to lay down, in short he made us laugh all the time. While normally gentle, we will never forget the infamous time he bit the tail off a squirrel at Greenlake park! He loved other dogs, was great with the little ones in our family and always loved having a buddy to play with. Miles brought a smile to everyone and everyone in our family considered him a friend, strangers also loved to pet him. We will never forget you our sweet buddy, the walks in the park, the hikes and camping trips, the endless bones and raw hide treats you buried in the back yard and your hound dog bark that we could recognize from a block away. You were very well loved by our friends and family and we have missed you so much. We saw you start to get slower and older but no one was ready for how quickly your time came. We will think of you whenever we see squirrels at the park and we will always treasure our times together.Seattle, WashingtonJuly 6, 2016
9/13/2006 - 7/5/2016Gus was truly a once-in-a-lifetime dog. He brought a smile to everyone's face with his cartoon-like expressions and goofy temperament. He was my constant companion and loved to take walks and watch the squirrels, go on car rides, eat baby carrots, and play in the snow and at the beach. He was endlessly loyal and attached to my hip. I would walk him off leash without a worry in the world, as Gus would always be right by my side. I feel honored and privileged to have had the pleasure of being his dog-owner for the past ten years, and receive his unconditional love. Gus made me a better person, and I will cherish my memories of our time together.Pleasant Ridge, MichiganJuly 6, 2016