Pet Memorials
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You will be missed,until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven, we love you Lucy. 1997-November 2, 2012
Our little pound puppy.
Faith, Mason, Grace, & Ann TaylorJacksonville, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Thank you for 14yrs of love and companionship. You will always be with me. Be at peace. Until I see you again…Michelle .Deerfield Beach, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
We let Khaki go on March 23, 2012 when her eyes told me she was ready. She was loved from the time she came to us to the time she left us. She was a special girl and can never be replaced.Wood FamilyCharlotte, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
It was love at first sight. And for the 11,5 years that we were together, that love only grew…
Lymphoma cut our time in half, and only one thought gives me comfort right now; that you are not suffering any more. For that I am very grateful.
Our time together made me truly happy. Now it’s become so obvious.
I will never forget you. Though today I have only sad memories, hopefully in time they will be replaced with good, happy memories, memories that we have had for 11 years. You were a perfect cat. I will always love you.
Your human mom, or daughter... depending on the day…
Elena - April 2012
P.S.Thank you Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne for your care, for making Kappa’s last moments peaceful, and for sending me a card.
Elena .Mathews, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012
Knuggs "mommys girl
Knuggs, We miss you so much, there isn’t any moment in a day that I don’t miss you, your unconditional love, your greeting every time I walked through our door. Because I have been so sad, this was given to me in memory of you. I pray you approve.

"Before humans die, they write their Will & Testament, give all their home & all they have, to those I leave behind. If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I'd ask...
To a poor and lonely stray I'd give: My happy home, my bowl & cozy bed, soft pillows and all my toys. the lap, which I loved so much. The hand that stroked my fur & the sweet voice which spoke my name. I'd Will to the sad, scared sheltered dog, the place I had in my human's loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.
So, when I die; please do not say, I WILL NEVER HAVE A PET AGAIN, FOR THE LOSS AND PAIN IS MORE THAN I CAN STAND, instead, go find an unloved dog, one whose life has held no joy or hope and give MY place to HIM.
This is the only thing I can give....the love I left behind."
Author Unknown.

(mommys loves and misses you xxooxx)
Norma .Margate, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
My dearest Lykah,
Thank you for all of the happiness that we have shared together over the past 15 years of our lives. Thank you for sharing your life with me unconditionally. You will always be the best friend I could and will ever have. I love you more than words could ever express. You will always be missed and loved!!! FLY FALCOR FLY!!!<3
Aimee CFt. Lauderdale, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
We said good by to our beloved Lacy on September 14, 2011. She had been a key member of our family for 11 1/2 years, traveling around the continental United States and the eastern and western areas of Canada in our motor home. There has been a deep hole left in our lives.Sue & DickOrlando, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
This was my kitty girl Misty and she was over 18 years old when she crossed the rainbow bridge on July 10,2012. Over the last 18 years she has my best friend that seen me through alcoholism, drug addiction, and finally a clean life the last 10 years. On the days I didnt think I could go one more step she was there reminding me I had to because she needed me as much as I needed her!!I use to worry that I would die before her and then who would take care of her!!I love her so much and will miss her. I pray that when I leave this earth to be with the Lord in heaven she will be there too!! Thank you God for sending me Misty she was such a blessing to me and although I find it so hard to have let go I loved her so much that I could not watch her suffer anymore.Lori .The Colony, TexasNovember 19, 2012
She was a surprise present to Daddy from Mommy and from Day One, she was "Daddy's Girl." She was all legs and had ears that were almost satin to the touch. She was part of a litter that had been abandoned at a vet's office door. We thought she was a beagle at first. But as she grew into those legs, it became apparent that this was no beagle. We realized we had a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

She had an older sister, Idgit. Idgit had lost her right eye before we rescued her. Every time they went for their walk, Millie always made sure she stayed on her sister's blind side, helping guide her. They were sisters and best friends and were never apart for all of Millie's 13 years. Idgit misses her deeply.

Millie loved her squeaky toys. Actually, she enjoyed the squeaky IN the toy. It was normal to come home to find a discarded toy and stuffing all over the house from where she had removed the squeaker.

Three years ago, Millie got a baby sister, Diva. Diva followed Millie wherever she went and soon developed the same mannerisms. Susan and I are convinced Millie was training Diva to take over for her after she was gone.

Even though she was Daddy's Girl, she loved her Mom just as much. Often, when she was still able to get in the big bed, she would get up on her mother's side and snuggle next to her,stretching as much as her body would go, forcing Mom into Dad and Dad off the other side. Later, when she was unable to get up on the bed on her own, she would sometimes lay in front of the fan Mom used on her side to keep cool.

At the end, she had several tumors in her body. The last couple of weeks, she was having difficulty getting comfortable and would whine until we gave her something for the pain. Then, one night, while laying on the floor next to her she looked me straight in the eyes and gave me "The Look", the one that said, " Dad, it's time."

On June 24, 2012, in the backyard surrounded by her her sisters, Idgit and Diva, her Aunt Donna and while being gently held in her Mommy and Daddy's arms, Millie made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. We would like to thank Dr. Suzanne Brough for helping make that journey as gentle and compassionate as possible.

Her name was Millie, but we called her different things at different times. Pill, PillyPoops and Boogerhead being the most used. But now we call her something more and that is "Loved and Missed".
Kevin & Susan .Lehigh Acres, FloridaNovember 19, 2012
Max was my very best friend for 12 years. Max was by my side thru the good and the bad times. I could always count on him to be there for me. I can't put into words what Max meant to me. He was one of a kind. For me, there will never be another dog like Max. I love and miss him every day. Saying goodbye to Max was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Thank's to Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne, her compassion and caring made letting go of Max almost bearable. Dr. Jennifer made it possible for Max to pass on in his home with his head on my lap, the way he always did for his daily brushing. Thank you "Lap of Love" for helping me thru a most difficult time.
Max...3-25-2000 - 4-18-2012
You will always be in my heart....wait for me at "Rainbow Bridge" so we can be together again. I send you all my Love.
Margrit .Huntersville, North CarolinaNovember 19, 2012