Pet Memorials
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12/25/2002 - 6/3/2017To my "first-born" Kobe. I will always be grateful of the life we shared. You weren't originally supposed to come home with me the day I got you, but something clicked that day that you were my puppy. Thank you for your influence on making me the woman I am today. Your gentle soul, your healing abilities, the trust and confidence you had in me. On days I didn't believe in myself I had your trust that got me through. You were born into this world with physical disabilities and I made it my mission to provide you a happy, quality life for as long as those efforts upheld your dignity. You beat all the odds and continued to shock veterinarians of how healthy you were despite your failing limbs. It's just another testament of how loyal and loving you were that you continued truckin' on. I really enjoyed reminiscing in your last few days, over some of your favorite yummy snacks, on all of our fun memories and adventures over these years. I'm still shocked we have lived in 26 different places together! Regardless of where we were or what was going on, you were my home; my constant companion. Your huge, beautiful smile as you drifted off in my arms that day has helped me survive these painful times. Thank you for staying patient and waiting for me to be ready to make this decision with you. I know you will always be with me and you will be there waiting for me at the bridge.

"Run free now, go play with the angels"
Christie LaydenWesley Chapel, FloridaJune 9, 2017
Zip Madsen
12/7/2009 - 5/14/2017We will always love you our little man. You have make us laughed everyday since the moment you came into our lives, for six and half years. You were taken away from us too soon, and we are completely unprepared for not having you in our lives anymore. We mourned you every day since you left us, we love you and we miss you very much. You will always be in our hearts.Kate and Craig MadsenChicago, IllinoisJune 9, 2017
2/14/2003 - 5/26/2017Snoopy was larger than life. He never did anything small. I wrote a tribute to him that says it better than I can right now:

We are slowly adjusting to the house without him in it, and we're back to dog rescue - fostering a puppy now that will sadly never know what it is to look up at his giant frame and dream that big. We are so grateful to Lap of Love and Dr. Dana for helping us through this and helping Snoopy move on.
Liesl and John DineenCary, North CarolinaJune 9, 2017
11/19/2003 - 5/30/2017I first met Ringo in April at the 5K for K9 Cancer walk. He was in Dad's arms when he came to the LOV booth. Dad informed me Ringo was battling cancer but doing OK. I was amazed to hear that Ringo actually ran/walked the entire 5K! He was a stoic little guy that amazed me. After enjoying a wonderful extended, last weekend with his Mom, Dad, and Schnauzer brother Tugger, he was tired and ready to say goodbye. He was 13 years old and a very curly, dark gray Schnauzer. Mom said he was most handsome when they let his curls grow long. He was a good dog that never asked much of anyone. He curled up with Dad in the living room this morning with his Mom at his head giving pats and kisses. We had his special penguin stuffed toy nearby and sent him peacefully onward to the Rainbow Bridge. It was an honor to meet Ringo and his family. Blessings and peace to you sweet boy. You are infinitely loved by your family. ~Dr. Leslie~Columbus, OhioJune 9, 2017
3/12/2000 - 6/5/2017Rest in Peace my faithful friend.. we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.. until then you will always remain in my heart as my loyal companion.. Gracie Jean..

If I planted a flower every time I thought of you I could walk in my garden forever... (Author Unknown)
Brenda CrawfordLawrence Township, New JerseyJune 9, 2017
8/9/2017 - 6/7/2017You have left a crack in my heart that won't be filled xNuala HallidoyleDromore, KentuckyJune 9, 2017
Memphis River Knese
1/18/2009 - 6/5/2017To Memphis: the greatest dog who completed my soul, and taught me what life is all about. He left us much too soon. He was such a loving and sweet dog, and deserved a long and happy life. We had many happy times together here, and Memphis I know we will have many more at the next place. I love you so much.Erin KneseSt. Louis, MissouriJune 8, 2017
9/15/2003 - 5/30/2017Almost 15 years of fun with my Buddylove!! He never met a stranger, loved to go on walks thru our neighborhood, take boat rides & lay on the bed with me. He was my constant shadow! I miss him so very much! But knowing he is at peace & no longer hurting makes it a little easier! RIP my Blove....till I see you again!!!Barbara HendrixGilbert, South CarolinaJune 8, 2017
Mini Cooper
3/9/2009 - 6/1/2017Mini Cooper came to us the size of a football, then grew into a 120 pound lapdog! She was the best dog ever! She loved her dog sisters and brother and especially her cat sisters and brother! She was the best dog ever and our experience with Dr. Dan was truly amazing!Shari KingMorgantown, IndianaJune 7, 2017
Dim Smith
2/14/2017 - 6/5/2017RIP, Dim. You were the sweetest-natured kitty in the world. You were always gentle and affectionate and never displayed even the smallest mean streak - not even to the vet. At the end of even the worst day, your complete adoration and total devotion made me sure I must have done something right. From the quiet padding of your feet on the kitchen floor, to the soft peeping noise that only grew into a full-fledged meow in your later years, you were an almost constant and much-loved presence in my life for eighteen years and it's hard to believe that you're truly gone. I keep expecting to see your sweet, little upturned face peering at me from around a corner or greeting me first thing in the morning. You gave your love and life freely and unselfishly to me and I only wish it could have been even longer.KM SmithIndianapolis, IndianaJune 6, 2017