Pet Memorials
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1/26/2017 - 1/11/2017January 11, 2017

No more will I have you there with your wagging tail, as you greet me at the door.
No more will I have you there to step over as you lay upon the floor.
No more will I have you there to throw a ball a hundred times, just to have you bring it back wet and drop it at my feet.
No more will I have you there to smell your warm breath upon my face, that’s not always
so sweet.
No more will I have you there to wake me in the middle of the night.
No more will I have you there to wake when you’re having a fright.
No more will I have you there to knock me over when the doorbell rings.
No more will I have you there in the yard rolling around in nasty things.
No more will I have you there to scold for chasing the cat.
No more will I have you there to dress in costume and wear that silly hat.
No more will I have you there to teach an old dog a new trick.
No more will I have you there to lay and comfort me when I am sick.
No more will I have you there to have your warm, slobbery tongue all over my face.
No more will I have you there to make me laugh while you’re tail you chase.
No more will I have you there begging for treats every day.
No more will I have you there barking for us to play.
No more will I have you there just lying quiet on the rug.
Nor more will I have you there for me to kiss and hug.
No more will I have you there thinking of us when were young in vain.
No more will I have you there hurting with suffering and pain.
No more will I have you there to give me unconditional love, I would always take.
No more will I have you there to see my heartbreak.
No more will I forget you my precious girl, as I will see you someday in another world.

For our Sweet Angel Chloe.
Barbara WilburDunedin, FloridaJanuary 12, 2017
9/2/2006 - 1/12/2017Ace,
you were the best dog, the best puppy always, no matter how big you were. Thank you for giving us so much love and affection for 10 years. I am glad you are no longer suffering. We will always love and miss you.
Patricia EstrelaSomerville, MassachusettsJanuary 12, 2017
8/31/2001 - 1/5/2017Thank you Buddy for being our companion for almost 16 years. Our lives were made so much fuller because of you. We will forever miss you. Until we meet again.Gordon WatkinsOrlando, FloridaJanuary 12, 2017
7/4/1995 - 1/6/201721 and a half years ago I found you abandoned on a beach in Florida. You were screaming under what I believed to be a Mango tree. I watched your helpless body in the sand, alone. Hopefully, your kitty mommy would return. That did not happen. I scooped you up and claimed you as my own, umbilical cord still attached.
From that day forward, you would be my buddy through many relocations, relations, sadness and jubilations.
I know there are people who have memories of you, Mango ,as you had quite the reputation for being ornery to others. But not to those you were familiar with.
Whether you knew it or not, you often provided me with strength. Your companionship and love was undying through the ebbs and flows of my life.
Thank you! I love you Mango, and may you run and play freely over the rainbow bridge.
Gretchen PoehlmannPottstown, PennsylvaniaJanuary 12, 2017
11/1/2002 - 12/21/2016Our dear Matouk died peacefully at home on December 21st, 2016. He was a special dog who brought so much joy and comfort to our family. My husband and I are feeling his loss deeply, and we will always remember him as our animal soul-mate.

We adopted Matouk from a shelter when he was about five, and we weren’t sure what to expect at first--he was very big and I was a little nervous. A few days after we adopted him, I accidentally knocked a glass of water off of my night-stand and right onto his head! I thought he might jump up or growl or something, but he barely lifted his head to see what was happening and sat still while I got a towel and wiped him up. This was how patient and gentle he was.

Our oldest daughter, Amelia, loved to toss a ball for him, even as a toddler. She counted on him, too, to clean up the floor after her meals. It was Matouk’s favorite job! Our youngest daughter, Grace (who is now almost four), was born with a rare disorder and is severely physically disabled and visually impaired. She cannot sit up on her own or use her hands effectively to play with toys, but I could lay her down next to Matouk and she could pet him like any able-bodied kid! She loved to touch his fur and feel his soft head, and she would laugh hysterically when he licked her.

He enjoyed long walks, special ice cream treats, and, in his younger years, fetching a tennis ball. But more than anything else he just liked our company. He never wanted us to leave the house and would try to play with us and detain us whenever we reached for our coats. When we returned home, he was always waiting for us at the window.

He was so big and soft and strong and majestic. I was so proud to walk down the street with him. I loved to throw my arms around him and give him big hugs, and when I hugged him, I felt like he was part of me. Wherever I was in the house, he was there. For nine years, he cooked with me, slept next to me, and waited outside the bathroom door for me.

My husband and I are incredibly grateful to Dr. Erin Gorney (from Lap of Love) for coming to our home at the end of his life so that we didn’t have to take him to the vet’s office. We were able to lay next to him and hug him while he died. Dr. Erin was a calm and steady presence, and she was so supportive to us during and after our pup’s death. This was a beautiful gift to Matouk and to us.

Thank you, Matouk, for being the gentlest, warmest, most dignified member of our family. You made our lives special, and we will love you forever.
Lindsay BennettPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJanuary 11, 2017
12/11/1998 - 1/11/2017I was the luckiest dog mom in the world! This little toy fox terrier spent 18 years with me and truly gave me unconditional love!Charlotte StirkSaint Pete, FloridaJanuary 11, 2017
2/4/2004 - 12/26/2016My buddy my and my loving Max you filled my life with so much Love and joy you will always be in my heart and soul.
Now he's laid down to sleep, I pray the Lord his soul to keep, If I should die before I awake I pray the Lord my soul to take.
I feel your spirit of in our home and the joy you had when we played and walked and dance together. Love, Hugs and kisses always and we will meet again by the Rainbow Bridge.
Celia CorreaOrlando, FloridaJanuary 11, 2017
5/1/2005 - 12/16/2016Duke was most definitely a character. He has a sister Daisy born the same day. They were so different and sometimes so similar. we will remember our little guy forever. His charm was actually in his growl. He seemed to growl at everything and almost everybody. He was a happy little fellow though....his needs just a few. A good nap and tasty bone was it for him. He loved all of us and we loved him. As his mom I will always have a empty place in my heart now. Luckily he was only sick for about two weeks. He was very healthy for 11 1/2 years and for that I thank God, He was for heart :)kim rozakisnorthampton, PennsylvaniaJanuary 11, 2017
Harley "Lady Luck"
8/18/2001 - 1/4/2017Words can not express how one feels when they lose a pet. My Harley was a precious Ori Pei with so many memories. She turned 16 years old and basically grew up with my kids. She was raised with my two boys. They were 7 and 10 when we got her. She was a tough little sole. She kept up with both boys as though she was a full grown St. Bernard. She was always at my side when I had my surgeries, comforting me. She loved going to the lake and loved to swim. If I went in a boat and didn't take her with me, she would swim out to the boat trying to get in the boat. She was just such a incredible dog. For a little dog, she had such a big personality! She had a wit about her I will never forget. My other pug is heartbroken and I debate on getting another dog, no dog can replace my Harley. Thank you lap of Love for making what could of been a horrible experience at the vet a peaceful ending to my little Harley. Dr. Gollub was so caring and I can not say enough about you. RIP Harley. We Love You!Sonja HallidayWilmington, MassachusettsJanuary 9, 2017
11/27/2000 - 1/8/2017I hope you are in a big field with someone perpetually throwing a ball.Susan NeelyEverett, WashingtonJanuary 9, 2017