01/17/2008 - 5/16/2019Ami passed away peacefully in our home this morning. We will miss her terribly. They say you get the dog you need, not necessarily the dog (you think you) want... Ami certainly taught us more than we taught her. Rest In Peace, friend....robber of the sofa seats, professional counter surfer, licker of the lasagna plates, defender against all enemies (UPS and FED EX), front-seat driver (barking whenever you took a wrong turn), guardian of the children, and forever our favorite speaker with her eyebrows ...... we love you.

Your Forever Family,

Ron, Melissa, Parker, and Maeli
Melissa ZhissMint Hill, North CarolinaMay 16, 2019
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I don't know you or your little Ami but love you all after reading your tribute. May Ami rest in peace and knowledge that she was loved.julie cleaves - May 17, 2019

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