8/23/2008 - 3/12/2019Bleau, it was the hardest thing we ever had to do. Letting you go. You were our first baby. You made every single day of our lives worth living. Seeing your beautiful smile, and boy you smiled a lot. It's been so hard on us these passed few weeks knowing it was just about that time, but we know it was even harder for you. We know that you knew. You were so wise and smart. The kindest dog that touched so many of our hearts. There's a large void now. Although, we are happy to know that you are at peace now. Thank you for giving us your undying love and loyalty these passed 10 and a half years. Until we meet you again on the rainbow bridge. We love you so much.Tim ElliottHouse Springs, MissouriMarch 13, 2019
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I miss you everyday bubba!Tim Elliott - March 18, 2019
I never got to meet him but can tell he must of been a loyal dog. So sorry for another loss in your family. My heart goes out to you and your family.Theresa O'Neal - March 17, 2019
Rest in Peace sweet Bleau <3 You were such a sweet and angelic soul... I know that you were loved by every single person that met you <3Keri Morgan - March 15, 2019
I'm so so sorry...from the bottom of my heart....this is such a hard thing that us dog lovers ever have to do. Why can't they live as long as us.....just know that he was given an incredible life and loved every min of it.sarah geist - March 15, 2019
The first time I met Bleau, I couldn’t stop thinking about how big his head was! It was like a dinner plate! And if he liked you he’d plop that big ol head in your lap and look at you with those blue eyes. He had a great smile too. Tim worked hard training Bleau, and I still remember the “shoot him and play dead” trick. He was a smart dog, and so well behaved. I’m going to miss getting bowled over by that big goofy smiling head. I hope he’s soaking up lots of sunshine on the rainbow bridge.Crystal Nelson - March 14, 2019
I never got to meet Bleau but it he made me smile several times with the pics you took of him with his big smile.He looked like he was an awesome big brother and best friends to have.I light this candle in honor of BleauKevin Elliott - March 14, 2019

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