10/31/2008 - 12/2/2018In our house, Chili was referred to as, "The Baby". Now our baby is gone and we are devastated. She brought so much happiness to our lives and now we are left with sadness. We miss her beautiful face, the way she followed us to the kitchen when we were eating or cooking, talking to her, how she barked and ran across the room and everything that she did. I miss holding my baby and kissing her little head. Chili brightened all of our days for these past 10 years. We will miss how excited she would get when it was time to eat or go somewhere. Our house is so quiet and empty now. Chili may have been small, but she had a big presence. She was sent from heaven and is the sweetest little baby girl you could ever imagine. She will always be in our hearts and the memories will never end. We love you baby girl and miss you tremendously. I always told Chili she was the most beautiful girl in the she's the most beautiful angel in Heaven.Marcella MorrisSewell, New JerseyDecember 11, 2018
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Baby Girl, its been 6 months. Time is passing so quickly, yet I can still remember December 2nd like it were yesterday. We miss you so very much, Chili. Please keep showing us that you are with us everyday..Mommy looks for you always. We love you so so much Beauty.Marcella Morris - June 2, 2019
Mommy misses you Beauty...I look for you everyday....Marcella Morris - May 12, 2019
It's been 5 months, Baby Girl....We love you so much and miss you every day Chili. Our hearts are filled with sadness and our home is so empty and lonely without our Beautiful Girl. We look for you always so show us that you're with us. Mommy and Daddy love you Beauty.Marcella Morris - May 2, 2019
Happy Easter, My Beauty. Mommy loves you and misses you on this first Easter without you here. Mommy misses seeing you in your pretty Easter dress and looking at your Easter basket. We love you so very much and miss you Baby Girl.Marcella Morris - April 21, 2019
19 weeks without you Beauty, We miss you so very much everyday Baby Girl. xoxoMarcella Morris - April 13, 2019
3 months Baby Girl.....we miss you so much everyday. We love you, Beauty.Marcella Morris - March 2, 2019
Happy Valentines's Day, My Beauty. We love you and miss you....xoxoxo.Marcella Morris - February 14, 2019
Baby girl, this has been the longest 2 months without you. We miss you terribly everyday. Life is sad without our Beauty. We love you, Baby Girl...Marcella Morris - February 4, 2019
Baby girl its been 1 month since you left us. We miss you so very much, Chili and every day is sad without your beautiful face. We love you....marcella morris - January 2, 2019
Happy New Year in Heaven, My Beauty. We are so sad that you are not here with us baby girl. We miss you. Mommy loves you, Chili.marcella morris - December 31, 2018
Merry Xmas baby girl Its not Xmas without you here xoxo miss youKen Morris - December 24, 2018
Merry Christmas, My Beautiful Baby Girl. We still can't believe that you are not with us. We miss you so, so much, Chili. We pray that you are happy and enjoying Christmas with Flip. Please show us that you are with us Beauty. Mommy loves you so very much...Marcella Morris - December 24, 2018
Dear Marcella and Ken

There are no words that I can say or express how you guys are feeling right now . I am truly sorry to see chili girl go
she was truly a little lady. Marcella I am here for you I wish i could take your pain away.

Love The Barnhill’s 😘
Shevon Barnhill - December 21, 2018
Dear Chili, mom mom & pop pop love you & miss you very much. i hope you are having fun with Flippy. Your are together again.

Merry Christmas
mom mom & pop pop xo
nancy manchello - December 18, 2018
Life is not the same without my Beauty. Mommy and Daddy are missing you every day baby girl.Marcella Morris - December 18, 2018
Miss you more then you could ever imagine baby girl. Our hearts are broken and life has definitely changed. There is no little beauty queen greeting us in the kitchen and no little baby to make us happy. We love you baby girl.kenneth morris - December 12, 2018
Baby girl chili you will be greatly missed. You were quiet as a mouse when you would sneak in the kitchen looking for crumbs. I know you and Flip are enjoying each other. Thank you for the joy you brought to everyone!Lauren Rodriguesz - December 12, 2018
Mommy loves you and misses you baby girl. Its so sad and onely without you Beautiful. Play with Flippy and be happy. Come and show us that you're with us baby...we will look for you always my Beauty.Marcella Morris - December 12, 2018
You will be missed, Chili! You were the cutest little baby! I hope you're back with Flip eating chicken and watching over your momma! <3Kristine Foschini - December 12, 2018
Dear Mar and Ken,

We are so sorry for your losses. Flip and Chili were part of our family too. We will miss them. We'll miss their Halloween and Christmas pictures. We always looked forward to them. They were so adorable.

Both are at peace now and together. If you can, think of them playing and laughing, free of pain. Also hope you know that they had the best parents ever who did everything they could for them, including the most sad. They both had great lives.

We wish you peace and comfort.


Aunt Jan and Uncle Pete
Janice Visalli - December 12, 2018
Dear Mar and Ken,

Chili was a real sweetie pie! We will miss her, too. She was so petite and precious! She's in a happy place with Flip and all our family pets. You two were the best, loving and giving parents a pet could hope to have. Just cherish the memories of her, and allow time help heal the sadness.
Di & Don Berry - December 12, 2018

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