Ginger kalekye edozie
6/12/2019 - 1/29/2019Ginger can best be described as "a kind soul". She came into a home that had never owned a dog and she taught us how to accept and give love unconditionally. Her love of us was only rivaled by her love of food - - anything and everything - - and she kicked off our days by giving us kisses and a sweet look that said "I've got the fort; I will be here when you get back.". Ginger loved children and protected them as though they were her own; she also adored Daisy, her cat-sister, who she graciously let taunt her. She knew who the boss was! Our hearts ache at our loss of Ginger, but our lives are richer for having her in them. Rest in peace, our beloved Gigi!Mwende MwinziSuffern, New YorkJanuary 31, 2019
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Sorry for your loss.Raphael Kariuki - February 2, 2019
Ginger was a very special girl to me. Her mommy said I spoiled her, but who wouldn't! I have no regrets, a sweet loving girl like Ginger deserved to be spoiled! She was loyal to her family and loved them more than she did herself.
Rest in Peace Ginger ,Doggie Heaven just added a new Angel to watch over her family.
Emily Wama - February 2, 2019
What a beautiful, special girl. I’m so honored to have met her. I’m sure there are fantastic memories she leaves behind, celebrate this wonderful life she had. Much love! ❤️❤️Alexandra Saura - February 1, 2019
You could hear Ginger barking alerting everyone of your arrival and she would greet you with inviting eyes and a welcoming soul. I’ll miss her warm energy!! God bless this sweet Angel.Shakisha - February 1, 2019

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