3/1/2003 - 3/27/2019Jewels was a special cat. Her favorite past time was lounging wherever she chose but her favorite spot was out on our deck in the summer time. In her younger years she spent time visiting neighbors close by. She was named after Julia Child, the famous chef. She was found carrying her newborn kittens by the scruff of their neck across Cook Road up in Skagit Valley here in Washington. So she was appropriately names Julia Child. We shortened it to Jewels. Jewels was always in good health till she came down with diabetes a couple years ago. We managed it pretty well by diet and never had to give her insulin. Over the last six months we saw a decline in her health: losing weight, decreased appetite, less self grooming. Then 10 days or so before passing on she pretty much stopped eating except for the whipped cream she delighted in. Jewels will be missed. I'm thankful for the many fond memories.Al LettererRenton, WashingtonApril 6, 2019
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