8/17/2003 - 8/4/2018Jordan had a soul that was simply too small for the body she was in. She was such a gentle empathic peaceful creature that knew no boundaries for love. Black and White on the outside, but all the colors of the rainbow on the inside. She was a beautiful tuxedo cat with a perfectly symmetrical "mustache" which earned her so many nick names around the house. (Baby J, Jojaso, Mustache rock, Joji) I always used to tell her that she was so elegant and dressed up all the time. Every night she loyally held my hand to fall asleep with her little white paw next to my pillow. She knew how to find me emotionally and calm pretty much every emotion possible to just let me know that everything was always going to be ok. She had a presence about her that she could intimidate my other cat's in the house with a simple look and a walk away. Truly astounding to watch. She showed the other's in the house what it meant to "mouse" with dog toys that were larger then her. Her strength amazed me even until the day that she had to leave us. It's been almost a year since she passed and I just haven't been able to find the words to express what would capture this cat. I owe her at least some words. Baby Jordan, you are very missed, and always rejoiced. We think of you every day and we were so blessed to have been the humans in your life. Thank you for everything that you gave us. We love you and hope to see you again.

Your Moms, Mo Lassey, Valentin, Maia, and McKenzie (who has also passed)
Angela WarrenSeattle, WashingtonMay 15, 2019
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