Larry welch
6/6/2006 - 5/14/2019In loving memory of my Larry. Larry was a larger than life dog personality. He was my constant companion and friend, and I enjoyed every minute taking care of him. In his last few months he used a wheelchair, which he took to like he had used it his whole life. I can’t wait for the emptiness and heartache I feel right now to be replaced by 13 years of memories of a great life with him. He will live forever in my heart.
I want to thank Dr. Kimberly Moen, the veterinarian from Lap of Love. Larry hated the vet, but loved her. When she came to our house the last day, he stood up to greet her, and kissed her. She gave us all the time we needed, and drove away slowly with our beloved Larry.
Lisa WelchJupiter, FloridaMay 16, 2019
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Larry always made my trips home more special and more fun. I loved how excited he would get to see me no matter how much time had passed. I’ll always remember Larry and his quirky ways!Lauren Patchen - May 22, 2019
I knew Larry from day one, when Lisa brought him home as a puppy. He was good friends with Sprocket ,my Jack Russell, and a kind hearted gentle giant that Roxy, my other Jack Russell, learned to trust and love. My standard greeting for Larry was an exuberant “Hi Handsome!” ... although he kept his ego in check, he knew he was a “looker” and that I was talking directly to him❣️ He was 100% “all in” on any adventure from running with Rick to co-piloting family road trips. Larry was the embodiment of simplicity and presence and I will always dearly remember him. Thank you Lisa for allowing me to be a part of his life.Stacy O’Neill - May 21, 2019
I now live in North Florida, but 7 hrs or so ago you could find me and my beloved dog Tyson, walking the beach or thru the Bluffs with Lisa and Larry! I saw Larry once more when Lisa and Rick stayed with me one nite about 3 yrs ago in Old Town! Lisa enjoyed every moment she had with Larry! He was a special friend!Lisa Shinneman - May 19, 2019
Larry and I loved each other on first sight. He was a talkative dog with a lot of personality and charm. As sweet as can be, always with a bounce in his step. We will all miss him and the love he gave to us.Julie Perreau - May 19, 2019
What a regal picture! Larry was quite the charmer and handsome boy. He captured my heart right away and was deeply loved by his family. He was super smart and had a fun personality. He will remain in the hearts of all who met him and especially those who loved him.drkimberly lapoflove - May 17, 2019
We first met Larry and Lisa maybe 10 yrs ago on our beach bike rides and walks. Over the years so much has changed and people would come and go but Lisa and Larry were constants along the beach road. I saw Larry get older which is tough. I too put my soul dog down 5 yrs ago and it was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life but it was also the right decision. I’m glad that Lisa reached out to talk before she made any final decisions. It’s good to bounce thoughts and ideas off others. Larry was larger than life and will never be replaced but there’s always room for another when the time is right. My prayers go out to Lisa and rick.Mark Zisk - May 17, 2019
Larry was the best dog! Well, really more human than dog - so very smart. And he was always so welcoming and friendly. I loved being greeted by Larry every time I saw him. I will miss him a lot. And he had the BEST life ever - having Lisa and Rick as his mom and dad. I’m so very very sorry for your loss Lisa and Rick.
Monica King - May 17, 2019

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