5/11/2008 - 3/17/2019"Lucky" Bear James
It all began by browsing at the flea market then I came across this cute little guy that looked so miserable laying there all malnourished at just 3 weeks of age in a terrarium that smelt of a dead reptile waiting to be bought(loved)! I talked/threatened the owner and Lucky became Lucky he was now MINE! I took him straight to the vet; he had round worm, hook worm, and malnutrition being 85% St.Bernard and 15% lab he weighed 2 lbs. Should of been closer to 15 lbs. at this 3 week mark! I started bottle feeding him with what the vet prescribed and got him to a healthy state to continue to grow, know he was loved, and be trained well! He ended up being very easy to train even off the leash he stuck by my side! He ended up growing as tall as head right at my hip standing on his all fours healthy 120 lbs.! We adventured a different park throughout SC some NC everyday I had off of work and boy did Lucky guard his Momma like no other! Then I met my husband and Lucky was unsure of what to think but after 3 years he learned to except him as part of our family and then we had children TALK ABOUT PROTECTION! Anyone even walking past our yard Lucky was sure to alert bark.. When someone approached the door he had the meanest deepest bark but yet such a sweetheart to our family and ones I taught him the word LOVE so he would except them! As we had our first child Lucky needed a friend so we got him Grizz(Rottweiler/lab mix) he treated and trained Grizz so well as if he were his dad! 2 more children added to the family and Lucky couldn't wait to meet them, he loved being introduced with there receiving blanket scent! Then all of us continue to adventure as a bigger family! Now skipping to March 2019, we were vacationing to Pigeon Forge and I noticed Lucky not feeling like he could handle the stairs of a mountain house as he use too we get home I keep a close eye on him about 2 weeks later I notice him drinking less water and laying around A LOT I called the vet to tell them I need to bring Lucky in now he just isn't himself ALL OF A SUDDEN! They found several different masses and said he was very anemic so I needed to get him to the emergency vet! They preformed an ultrasound and he got diagnosed with mestatic spleen cancer Praying hard over my boy I leave him at the emergency vet to get blood transfusion because he is now no longer producing red blood cells and needed IV fluids! Visit him the next day spending quite a few hours at the emergency vet visiting him and I made the decision to bring him home(in agreement the veterinary doctor I would set up an appointment with lap of love just in case) to love on him and care for him in the peace if our home! He continued getting sicker and hurling vial mixed with blood clots at 6 a.m. Sunday morning so I knew he couldn't suffer like that he was to good to me and my family to watch him suffer! 10 a.m. Lap of Love visits us at home and helped us in the most comforting ways! It hurts and I miss Lucky dearly but he is no longer struggling and has my FIL and Great Grandparents as his sidekicks in HEAVEN! Lucky Bear Momma misses you forever you will always be in my heart and memories!
Candis JamesIrmo, South CarolinaMarch 20, 2019
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Such a beautiful sweet boy!!!Colleen DuVall - March 20, 2019

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