3/14/2004 - 3/22/2018McKenzie had a super quirky personality. I am sure she is in heaven now spreading around those colors. She was definitely a "my way or the highway" type of cat. I remember the day she came into my life with so much energy and spice. I chose her from the back row of kittens because she was staring at me with her beautiful green eyes and I believe she chose me. We were partners in crime from that moment on. She earned her nickname (McKenzieB) primarily because I always pictured her in a Bee suit for some reason. She was always way too curious and got herself into trouble, once injuring her back paw and tearing a tendon. She walked with a limp after that incident which only added to her quirky cute style, but it never slowed her down one bit. I always called her a "Cadog" (slur for Cat and Dog), because she loved to greet you at the door and lay on the floor for some reason. McKenzie passed away over a year ago. She was the first cat that I ever had on my own and went through so many journeys with me, always by my side. Literally she slept faithfully on my hip. McKenzie, you are thought about and missed every single day. We were so blessed to have you in our lives, my hip feels empty without you, but I know you are in a safe place without pain now. I hope to see you again in heaven where I am sure you are pestering your sister Jordan. We love and miss you dearly here on earth.

Your Moms, Mo Lassey, Valentin, Maia, and Jordan (who has since passed on as well)
Angela WarrenSeattle, WashingtonMay 15, 2019
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