11/24/2005 - 5/10/2019We were planning to adopt a dog and were having trouble with the process. We were out one day and stopped in a pet shop where my sister bought a beautiful puppy, thinking we wanted a younger puppy. Then we saw you and took one look at those eyes, and just knew. I beleive to this day we saved your life as you were an older puppy, less likely to find a forever home. We brought you home and became one of the family instantly. You grew up right along with our children. You brought us more joy and happiness than you will ever know. Nothing made you happier than romping in the snow, drives in the car, walks at the dog beach. the neighborhood , a good nap on your favorite chair, snuggling up on the couch next to me at the end of the night while I watched tv and your favorite treat, peanut butter. I call you my shadow as you never left my side. We looked forward to coming home after an outing knowing you were there to greet us, with your routine of running through the house, then jumping up on us while wagging your little nub of a tail. A true family dog who didn't have a mean bone in your body. You loved everyone, and everyone loved you, commenting on what a sweet, good dog you were. We miss you terribly, but are thankful for all of the memories we have. You were given 3 months to live when diagnosed with mammory gland cancer. We were blessed with almost 2 more years with you . You will always hold a special place in our hearts Pearly girl. We love you and know one day we will meet you again at the rainbow bridge.Amy AmbroseBrick, New JerseyMay 15, 2019
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We love and miss you terribly Pearl, but we will forever carry you in our hearts with all of our wonderful memories of you. We were blessed to have so many happy years with the best dog a family could ask for.
Rest in peace sweet Pearl.
Amy Ambrose - May 16, 2019

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