08/27/2007 - 5/15/2019Roko was a special boy that brought joy and happiness to our life and everyone he met. My Big boy Gentle Giant was a huge lover and Loved to be touched and when you stopped petting a large paw would inform you that it was not acceptable. We picked Roko and his sister Kahlua out of a litter and brought them home at 8 weeks old. They were so tiny at 12 and 14lbs. They grew so fast and Roko was 190lbs at his peak weight, Kahlua was at 150lbs. Roko turned heads where ever he went and people Loved him, both him and his sister would travel to my pawnshops and go to work with us every day. Three years earlier we lost his sister Kahlua to Cancer and he went through a huge depression and lost 50lbs. It was so sad seeing my Big boy unhappy. We went on a search for a little sister and chose a Brindle Bulldog named Tigress. She was 12 weeks old when we brought her home and she lit the light in Roko's eyes again. It was as if he was a puppy again and brought tears of joy. We then added Bubbles another 12 week old bulldog to the pack 3 months later. He was the Big brother and they all had the typical sibling Love and Hate relationships. Roko came short of celebrating his 12th Birthday, but lived a long and glorious life as a Loved Mastiff. I cried my eyes out for three days now, but I know that he is running and chasing his sister Kahlua and waiting for all of us to reunite.JARROD MCCLUNGLas Vegas, NevadaMay 16, 2019
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