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For the last 12 years I witnessed an extremely special connection between a family and their “dog”. I put dog in quotations because it seems silly to call Lucy a dog when we all know she was so much more than that. With sass in every step, there was no question that Lucy was one of the Rossmair’s. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone love something with such an intensity that Dania loves Lucy. She took cute aggression to a whole other level. The connection this family had with Lucy inspires me to find the same relationship with the pets I encounter in my own life. I know that this is a very difficult time right now and I can’t even imagine the pain you all must be going through. But it’s also a time to be grateful. Be glad that you had the opportunity to have such a fierce love for her. Be happy that the time you had with her was so long-15 amazing years. And most importantly be thankful that she is in a pain-free place. Until you all meet her again, continue to love her just as you always have.Maddie Reim - June 28, 2019
Lucy was my favorite sassy pup. My first memory of Lucy is coming over for the first time and immediately running for pets. I remember being so happy when she let me walk her in the nice fall weather. My favorite memory of Lucy is when I came downstairs from sleeping over and heard her running towards me with a SHOE IN HER MOUTH!!!! I thought it was so funny and she even grabbed my shoe that I left downstairs. I loved that little pup and she will always be in my heart.Emily Moon - June 27, 2019
Lucy was not a pet she was one of the kids. She got dressed up for Halloween, had her own Christmas stocking and hat. When you came home she would run up to you with a shoe as a present as to say welcome home. When she was younger she would race you up the stairs to bed. she would tease you, she would walk up to where you were sitting like she wanted to get picked up and when you bent over she would back off ,when you sat back she come forward and stare at you like ha ha. She didn't walk she had a strut. when she went for a walk ,if she saw a bigger dog she would snarl ,growl and scratch at the ground like she was going to beat up the bigger dog. Even when she got older and slowed down her personality always come through. We will always love and miss her. She will always be in our heartsMark Rossmair - June 26, 2019
I don’t remember the first time I met Lucy, but I know she made a lasting impression because I loved her from the start. Her “I’m cute and you all know it” attitude brought a smile to my face every time. She was an independent soul with a comedic nature. She loved her family and friends and was always down for a walk around the town. She wasn’t very good at being a dog probably because she was definitely a human being *wink wink*. I once had to watch her for a week, I brought her into my home because I didn’t want her to be lonely while I was at work. I came home only to find her wrapped in towels freshly warmed from the dryer in my moms arms. She quickly became our beloved guest. She loved being pampered like the little queen she was. Lucy was an icon and a diva, she will always be remembered and loved in the hearts of all that had the good luck to meet her. I know I personally will always have a special place in my heart for my little lucifur.Jami Grunmeier - June 26, 2019
Lucy was never just a dog to me. She was my partner in crime. I had her since I was 10 and I am 25 now. When I was little we would dress up and pretend we were going to a glamorous gala ( but really we were just in my bedroom). We would pretend we were in action movies and run from the crazy explosion or pretend we were In a boat fighting the crazy Rapids in a river. As I became a teenager lucy started to look less like a sister and more like my child to me. I do not have children but I really feel like I lost a child. She was everything to me an I thought about her every day even when I wasn't living in the same house as her. She was with me for most of my life. Even though I am hurting now from the loss of my best friend I rather hurt themn never had had her at all. Lucy I love you and always will. One day I will meet you on that rainbow bridge.Dania Rossmair - June 26, 2019

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