8/13/2002 - 7/8/2018Addie Dog! The Big Dog. Baby Girl. I miss you so much. You were such a rough girl but with the gentlest heart. Never mean. Always a happy girl. You got along with all kinds of cats and your late brother-dog, Elbe (photo below). The only thing you didn't like was people on bicycles. I miss your constant companionship, our trips recycling, to the park, bank, or just looking at Christmas lights. I miss bring you home a soft flour chicken taco. I miss your kisses. I believe you knew you were deeply loved and are missed terribly by so many.
Dr. Tina was so kind and gracious to us. She made this difficult time bearable. I experienced Dr. Tina as not only a skillful professional DVM but a warm, supportive and caring person with a personal gift of working with pet hospice.
Rhonda CamposTexas City, TexasJuly 12, 2018
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The boys and I grieve with you for the loss of sweet Addie girl. You both gave each other a joyful and beautiful friendship. Addie was so gentle and easy to love; and you, Rhonda, showed her that same gentleness and love by caring for her in her passing. Please know how much we will all miss Addie as our thoughts stay with you while you adjust to living with the memories. I love you, Rhonda.Leanna Amerson - July 13, 2018
I love you, Addie Dog. XOXORhonda Campos - July 13, 2018
Addie was and is so deeply loved, and you were both so lucky to be a part of each others lives. May you always warmly remember the time you shared together. It was an honor to be a small part of her life and yours.Tina Vaziri - July 13, 2018
Addie, the Addie dog, so full of love for everyone, animal and human. You were so happy all the time, especially over your favorite tacos and hamburgers. I remember you playing hide and seek in the house and dancing on the dance pad. You were such a joy to Rhonda, Elbe, me and Gary. You were and will always be so very loved and missed.Deborah Bourgeois - July 13, 2018

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