Rogue Chlebowicz
1/4/2013 - 9/28/2020Rogue will forever be missed. The block will miss that bark, pulling up to the garage will be silent, opening the door without Rogue pushing her way out will be tough. She was a great fur sister and the best fur baby girl. Even when she was sick she NEVER, ever let us know she was in pain. She was always so good to us. She was low maintenance, chill, and beautiful. Unfortunately her skin condition didn't allow her to live a good and healthy full life. It was the hardest decision to let her go. But she will be forever missed and loved. I don't consider myself an animal person, but I will forever be a Rogue person. She won my heart. She was the best dog a momma could have. Hands down the best girl.Sandra ChlebowiczChicago, IllinoisSeptember 29, 2020
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Rest in peace sweet Rogue. You were clearly a very loved soul.💜Dona Corbett - October 5, 2020
Sandra, thank you so much for your kind words. Rogue was an absolute delight to be around. She was clearly the most beloved member of the family and did so much to take care of you guys. I am so glad I got to meet such an awesome girl! May she always rest in peace and joy.Miranda Shaw - October 2, 2020
I didn't know Rogue, but knowing her family's love was enough to understand that she lived her days surrounded with happiness and warmth. Because of this love, she will no longer have to experience the pain and discomfort that came in living with her skin condition. Rogue, you will be forever remembered and missed.Ari Groner - October 1, 2020
Our sweet Rogue. You brought joy to your family and everyone who crossed your path. You are so loved and missed . You are on to your next great adventure, and we all know you love a good adventure!
Love, Tina and Max
Tina Laskaris - October 1, 2020
She grew up to be such a beautiful dog. She will always be such an important part of the Larios/Chlebowicz family. We’ll never forget her. Rest easy❤️Isabella Larios - September 30, 2020
May you Rest in Doggy Heaven you fine looking Animal. XOXOMarina Sallas - September 30, 2020
I love you Roguey, you are such a sweet and loving lady, and that’s how I will remember you.David Larios - September 30, 2020
I remember when we first got Rogue and she was just a little puppy, and we were playing with her in Tito’s basement. Her teeth were growing in, so I was warned she might bite me. I was nervous the whole time, until she did bite me...and it didn’t hurt at all. I felt the smallest nibble, and I just knew she was gonna be the sweetest dog after that. We all are gonna miss her so much!Natalia Larios - September 30, 2020
Rogue was such a good girl. We are very sad she was sick and is no longer with us. She will be missed.Adrian Larios - September 30, 2020
Love you Rogue!
You will be missed.
Anna Liosatos - September 29, 2020

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