8/19/2001 - 1/5/2018My sweet boy Taz,

My little Ladies Man…you loved everyone that came into your life and always wanted to play or get some lovens from each person you saw. And they all loved you so much too, I know you always heard how everyone said you were such a sweet, handsome and beautiful boy. you truly were my beautiful little boy…inside and out.

But those ladies, oh how you loved them! You were a little charmer to be sure…those ladies didn’t stand a chance at resisting your cuteness. Oh and how you loved Carrie …you fell in love with her the moment you saw her, as I did. You two were inseparable! Spending lots of “toilet time” together and snuggling under blankets every chance you got…she was your girl and you were her Little Man. She misses you more than you know Taz…she holds a very special place in her heart for her Little Man…you are always with her my Big Boy. You have given her so very much…she will never forget you.

You certainly lived up to your name, you were my little Tasmanian Devil that lived life in a whirlwind of crazy and amazing antics. From knocking over glasses of water, trying to help me re-pot the plants, fetching your mice and bringing them back to me to throw again, opening the doors, opening the cupboards to see what you could get into, reaching unbelievable heights in your athleticism; tops of doors that you promptly strutted on top of, refrigerators, getting lost in the attic after climbing the ladder…you loved your ladders. Trying to get on the roof and spending exciting times outdoors seeing the world from whatever heights you could get to. If there was something higher than you, you strived to get there and usually succeeded. You were my little acrobat monster to be sure.

I knew, when I first saw you and your brother, that we were all meant to be together. You loved each other so very much and were a crazy little duo of never ending trouble that you helped each other get into. Your brother misses you Taz…I hope you were able to say your goodbye’s. And if not, maybe stop by for a visit with him if you can.

My big boy, you had the heart of a lion and lived life to its fullest…never giving up and fighting until the end. I saw it in your eyes, you wanted to stay…I know. But your little body wasn’t succumbing to your will, you tried so hard and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for coming into my life and giving us all your love and devotion. You spirit lives on and is a part of everyone that you met during your life journey…you will never be forgotten.

I will look for you often and think of you in every waking moment and hopefully dream of the two of us back together again.

I love you Taz…you are my boy and I miss you very much. Be free now.

Until we meet again.

Chad CarlsonFriendswood, TexasJanuary 10, 2018
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Taz and I were fast friends. He was always curious and friendly. Eventually we made it to boyfriend status. He would cat call me from the heights of kitchen cabinets and not let me leave without a hug. I will miss his friendly greetings and awesome cat-titude.Margie Lewis - January 11, 2018
Oh Taz how much your Daddy and Mommy will miss their fur baby! You lived a life full of love and now you are in heaven. I know I haven’t had the chance to meet you but your Mommy Carrie always spoke highly of you and as a friend of hers this touches deep because I know how much “you” meant to them. We will think you always and love you as if you were one of our fur babies. Thank you for sharing this Chad and Carrie, we love you both and we love you too TAZ! May You Rest In Peace 🙏🏼Cindy Scott - January 11, 2018
Debbie Kopf - January 10, 2018
We're so sorry for your loss. We have two girls and We can't even bear the thought of losing any of them. Our hearts are broken. Taz, we hope that you are now free from pain. Rest in peace.Rhoda Aaron Ian Gould - January 10, 2018
The moment I met Taz, I fell in love with him. He instantly became my best bud and partner in crime. He hung out with me while I read in the tub for hours on end. He became my "lap kitty", when he wasn't sprinting around the condo and leaping to the top of the kitchen cabinets to look down on the world below. He slept with me at night, nestled into my belly for warmth. He was an old soul. I felt that I'd met him before. I had 10 wonderful years with him, but a million lifetimes never would have been enough. Love you, Taz. You sweet, wonderful, crazy little munchkin. You will be missed every day.Carrie Carlson - January 10, 2018

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