4/12/2005 - 12/14/2018Jordan was an amazing companion. She loved everyone she met, people and doggies alike. She will forever live in our hearts and we miss her everyday.Holly GriffithCypress, TexasDecember 18, 2018
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Had so much picking you and your mother up at the airport. So much energy. Everytime you came over we had to open the back door and clear the way, straight in, pick up your two crazy rust color friends, and out into the back yard. And now back together with Pia and Ceger in the puppy bundle.Tim & Toni Dixon - December 20, 2018
Jordan was the most wonderful dog. Mommy got the attention when she was out of sorts. But daddy got the attention all other times. I met her when she was already five, but she was still quite a puppy. She loved to wrestle and play with her babies. I can't even tell you how many babies she has had over the years. And the treats!!! She was so spoiled that she got a treat every time I went to the pantry. And if it was not the one she was expecting she would drop the one I just gave her and wait for the one she really wanted. And God forbid I lay down on the rug by myself. Immediately she would walk to me on the rug and plop down right next to me. She had to be scratched and petted. If I stopped before she was sufficiently attended, she would put her paw on my arm as if to say, "Hey dad, you are not done yet. Get to scratching." Oh, and don't let me use the restroom by myself. As soon as I would sit down on the pot to take care of my business, here comes Jordy looking for a scratch. And if I missed a side, she had to turn around in the toilet room. Now, I'm 6' 1" with long legs so they stick out from the commode a fair ways. Here comes the 80 pound puppy who decides to turn around. Not a lot of space. But she did it. And her tail would be wagging so fast it would catch the toilet roll and spill out yards and yards of paper. If I was sitting at the dining room table and she felt the need for some love she would come put her chin on my lap. I would scratch her head and ears but that was not her intent. She only wanted my hand on her so she could then proceed to turn around and make me scratch her ass. She would always be at the door waiting for us to come home. She loved being with her family. Her favorite was just sitting out in the cul de sac, laying in the grass and watching the neighbor kids play with her little brother. I love and miss you, my sweet puppers.Gene Griffith - December 19, 2018
She was an awesomedog and I know she'll be greatly missed by everyone that loved her so much!Laura Bailey - December 19, 2018
Jordan you brought so much joy and love to your family, you will be forever missed!!The Sandy’s - December 19, 2018
I had the privilege of spending several holidays babysitting Jordan after she moved to Houston. She was so loving and affectionate, and definitely wanted to be where the people were. I smile remembering her “running” to the fence to bark at the neighbor dogs or chase a squirrel (because that’s what country dogs do). I always told Holly we were going to make a dog out of her one of these days and by golly Jordan rose to the challenge! And of course, the pool.....she loved to lay on the ledge and cool herself, most often right after I dried her for the night🙂. She did love treats and Hedo enjoyed her visits because Jordan always came with exotic and new treats, and enough for the whole gang!
I’m convinced Jordan considered herself Holly’s first born, and Greyson her little brother. She spent her life giving and receiving love as a true member of the family. Her Auntie Wendy and Uncle Mark will miss her; and I think even Rascal will miss her visits.
Wendy Linn - December 19, 2018
Anyone who met Jordan was very lucky. She was a good natured fun loving dog. I have babysat, played games with and snuggled her and am I sad I will never be able to again. She was good to her family and anyone who met her. She will be missed and we can only hope she is in a better place. I am sure she is watching all of us from above. We love you "White Dog."Mike Stewart - December 18, 2018

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