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Rosi Iniestra - February 18, 2016
Still thinking of Lyla and missing her very much. We think of the many times we were all together
and Lyla was right there with us. Enjoying the moment. She liked nothing better then to have
the whole family around her and be part of the companionship. A real people dog, and always
with eyes on her Master. Such a gentle, smart dog. Her leaving us has been a sad start to 2016.
Diane Brumbach - January 13, 2016
You were like a sibling to me Lyla. Out of habit, I find myself still looking for you when I get home. I miss you so much.Dan Brumbach - January 9, 2016
Descanse en paz.Angelica Dillon - January 7, 2016
We love our dogs for so many reasons. They listen without judgment; they don’t repeat what we tell them. They want to go with you when you leave, and are happy to see you when you return. To find a good dog is hard, to nurture, train, and create the kind of relationship that makes a pet a companion is a bond, or relationship that is remarkable, and dogs know that bond, or relationship as well. Anyone who saw Lyla could tell she knew how lucky she was to have such a bond with a loving master. Even in her last days she wanted to please her master who had been so good to her. I am sure she is waiting (with Wolfy) until she can walk with you once again.Keefe Brumbach - December 31, 2015
Lyla was our beloved Grand Dog. We miss her very much. She was such a special dog. Very
intelligent with a kind loving personality. Lyla always enjoyed coming to our house as we enjoyed
seeing her. A smart dog that enjoyed people. Her master, our son took wonderful care of her
and she kept her eyes on him. No doubt she was a great dog and added much to our
family visits. She loved to run, play and was kind to children. Her leaving us has left a big void
in our hearts. She was very dear to us. She will always be remembered.
Grandma & Grandpa
Diane Brumbach - December 31, 2015
Maria Brumbach - December 23, 2015
Maria Brumbach - December 23, 2015
What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl! I am so honored to have gotten to know Lyla and your entire family through this journey. She was such an amazing girl - I will never forget the image of her diving into the lake (and the camera catching her little legs moving underwater!). These pictures are great too - I love seeing her sitting with Flor and at the beach too. Thank you for all of your kind words too! I have been thinking about you guys and wish you a wonderful holiday season, as tough as I know it will be without Lyla. Lots of love to all of you!Christie Comm - December 22, 2015
For LylaRon Brumbach - December 21, 2015

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