4/4/2002 - 5/19/2018Our precious Lady passed away last saturday May 19th about 3 o' clock in the afternoon. There’s no word to describe how close Lady was and will always be to our hearts. She was a part of the family, my closest friend, understood me when I felt alone. She would follow me around everywhere just wanting to be near me. Even when her arthritis in her back legs made it harder to get up and around, she still walked into whatever room I was in and just lay there by the bed. Now that she’s gone when I get up from the couch or bed I still look for her. She was there with me through the hardest times and losses of my life, even the big change in moving to our new home. She was always there, loving every minute being a part of each of Us. Eyes full of love looking around at everyone in the room like there’s no place she would rather be. There were lots of times where our other dog Duke would want attention, and she instead would let him be and wait until it was her turn. There will never be another Lady! Never will be another dog that we loved more than Lady. It will never be the same without her, and I will never feel the same now that she’s gone...
Theres not a day that we miss her since that afternoon. She was very smart, caring and loving dog. She understood both languages, spanish and english. She knew certain commands like moving her tail in spanish (mueva la colita), give her hand sitting down (deme la mano), and laying down (hecheze), she knew very well. Lots of times I did not need to move my facial expression and by looking in her eyes she would understand. Lady enjoyed sitting around in the dirt to keep her cool and get dirty of course! Duke kept Lady active, taking care of her and play with her any time of the day! My two black furrs were together every day... They kept each other company, and comforted each other when would be cold weather outside, and when wet. Keeps me happy hoping Lady is free of her illness running and playing with no more pain!! We will Miss You LADY so much!! Your Pawprints will remain 4-ever in our hearts...Duke, Robert and I will miss you so much, and so my two sisters who loved you too Lvu LADY
Adilia ColinaHumble, TexasMay 25, 2018
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Paola Colina - June 13, 2018
So sorry for your loss ❤️Sweet lady going to be missed dearly .Tammy Smith - May 31, 2018
RIPsweet girl. You will be missed by so many.Michelle Keller - May 31, 2018
I understand the pain of your loss and I have been praying for you and that you are comforted knowing that she lived such a wonderful life with such a loving family. May God give you comfort during this you girl!DeAnna Futrell Land - May 31, 2018
I am sorry for your loss. Your Lady looks like my Daphne, whom I had to say goodbye to last Monday 5/21. I just wanted to light a candle for Lady. Maybe she and Daphne are playing together at the rainbow bridge. <3Jackie Warbis - May 28, 2018
In Memory of our precious LADY. You are missed by everyone!! We will always love you and remember all the happy times together... This candle will be lit for ever in our hearts! Love, Momma, Robert, and DukeAdilia Colina - May 27, 2018

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