6/26/2017 - 6/15/2019Bella came into our lives at a special time. She was a special girl with a huge heart and showed us that she loved us every single day. She was smart, resilient, awesome, and absolutely adorable. I miss her kisses and hugs. I miss her cuddles and her little cute nose. I miss her huge smile whenever we’d come through the door and her wagging tail. I miss everything about her. Every time I cried she’d be there and comfort me and lick my tears away. She was the greatest best friend I’ve ever had and I will always cherish that. But I know she’s in a better place and I know she’s looking after us and making sure we’re okay. We all miss her terribly but it’s hitting me super hard. I know she wouldn’t want us to be sad and I know she wouldn’t want us to be mad. She would want us to spread love and help others. One day this will get easier but at least for now we’re all grieving and we all terribly miss her. Every morning she would come to me and just lick my face and say good morning. I’m going to miss that now. I cried all day and night yesterday and barely slept. And before I fell asleep I wrapped her collar around my hand and I slept. I felt like she was there comforting me. One day me and her will reunite until then I love you Bella and I miss you.Ashley PadillaElgin, IllinoisJune 16, 2019
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Bella was so fortunate to have had you as a mom! thinking of you during this tough time.Nae Lap of Love - June 22, 2019
I am deeply saddened by the loss of your loving and loyal friend, Bella. I am keeping you in my thoughts, now and for days to come <3Ivy Lap of Love - June 21, 2019
Bella was so beautiful, and she sounds like she was a very sweet girl. I know that she appreciated being a part of your loving family. You will be in our thoughts <3Leshundria Lap of Love - June 18, 2019
Your Bella was a beautiful girl! You both were so fortunate to have each other and I know she was such a special part of the family!Victoria Lap of Love - June 18, 2019
Bella certainly was quite the gorgeous gal! She was incredibly fortunate to have been a part of your loving family. It is clear to see how special she was, and always will be, to your family. I know she will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.Shijuanna Lap of Love - June 17, 2019
Bella will forever be your sweet girl. These babies sent to us are angels here to show us what love is. May you find comfort in knowing she will always be with you and that she is feeling better now.

I just lost my baby on June 14.
Emi Eisold - June 17, 2019

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