12/11/2010 - 7/2/2020A Poem To Our Beloved Cole 🐕

The best Christmas gift that we ever had,
Arrived one snowy day, our NEW little lab!
You were curled on a blanket, our 12 week old pup,
We all started petting you, and your sweet eyes opened up.

Out in the snow, you jumped and were merry,
There was no doubt in our minds, that YOU were a Perry!
You knew not to go in, without your paws being wiped,
And when we weren't looking, a sock or shoe would be swiped!

The living room window was yours from the start,
But Mama Perry's bed, was where you kept your heart
You stayed very little, you didn't really grow,
Were you a lab? We really needed to know!

You were bow-legged and short, with a lab face and tail,
And when dogs passed you by, you barked loud without fail.
We called you our Coley, you were protective and sweet,
And when Papa Perry wasn't looking, we snuck you food for a treat!

You loved licking our faces, and snuggles in bed,
You were taught a certain bark, for when you wanted to be fed!
We found out you were a lab, and also part Chow,
You had grown all you could, it's all your breed would allow!

Usually at Christmas, getting coal means your bad,
But we got our COLE for Christmas, and he's the best we have ever had.
We will love you forever and always COLE! 🐾
Susan PerryNorwood, MassachusettsJuly 14, 2020
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Coley I miss our walks the most. You were so excited when you knew we would be taking you for a walk! Little did I know that the day of our “ last walk” would be so soon. Miss you little buddy!James Perry - July 16, 2020
We will meet again my Coley. I have shed many tears since your passing. I miss you and look for you every day. Thanks for being my best friend for ten years. Rest In Peace my sweet boy. Thank god you are out of pain and had a love filled passing. Until we meet again..... MummySusan Perry - July 15, 2020

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