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I love see Wilson and his tricks. that he did for you and mom he was a great pet I will miss him when I go to see you and mom I know how hard is to lost a pet when I had midnight he was 18 when we had to put him to sleep and that was one of the hard thing I have done in my lifebetty bluestein - March 13, 2019
I loved seeing how much joy that Wilson brought his family. I saw his tricks a few times and was amazed! What a special kitty :) Pets touch our lives in a wonderful way and Wilson will never be forgotten. My thoughts are with Rhonda, Ann and Mark! We love you.Emma Van Allen - March 7, 2019
Oh Wilson, things will never be the same without you.
You were the best cat anyone could ever ask for!
Your Mommy and Grammy sure did spoil you lots.
You were one lucky guy for sure. You had a great long life, though we wish it was longer.
See you again some day little boy xxoo
Sharon Sullivan - March 6, 2019
Dear Wilson, you created so much joy in this world for your family! Thank you for being the wonderful boy you are. You have your Wings now, but I know you will continue to watch over those who will love you always in this world.Sally Lynch - March 6, 2019
To my loving boy, I miss you very much. I was so sorry to see you go but glad I could ease your suffering. I still think I see you running around the house. I love to think about how he loved the feeling after he was shaved of all his mats and he would run around the house like a bullet flipping and playing with his stuffed toy cell phone. Love you and miss you Bubby!RHONDA MARCOLINI - March 4, 2019

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