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We miss you Loki, more than words can say. I pray you are in heaven with your friends and Timber, who you’ve never met. We will love you forever! Thank you for bringing incredible joy and happiness to our lives. Thank you for being our angel. Until we meet again! with all our love, Mom, Dad, Ben, Gaby
And Po misses you so much as well.
Susan Franchi - February 13, 2020
I'm so sorry. Loki was a gentle and loving and I know how much you will miss him.. Louie and I will miss him too.Linda Fuller - February 13, 2020
Loki was best friend of my golden retriever YoYo and they had many adventures together. YoYo was tennis ball obsessed and Loki was expert tennis ball thief so they made a perfect pair. I have known Loki his whole life and he brought joy to everyone he met - well almost everyone, perhaps the guy that Loki chased at the Hurd field and he was so scared that he locked himself in the car, might disagree with me.
Loki was also great at "rescuing" people who were swimming at the lake next to his house. At 195 pounds he was a force to reckon with and we were frantically rushing out of the water as soon as he started to swim to our rescue.
Loki had uncanny ability to find mud puddle in the vicinity of 10 miles and lie down in it. He also liked to encourage YoYo to do the same.
Loki had long and beautiful life filled with people that loved him. I am very sad to loose him, but know that he is now back with YoYo in doggie heaven, stealing his tennis ball again.
Dasa Jacisinova - February 13, 2020
Loki was a gentle giant. He will be sorely missed.Patricia Dunleavy - February 13, 2020
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Dedicated to Loki.
With much love from the Lippy family.
David Lippy - February 12, 2020

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