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Our dear Falcor (our 4 legged grandson).....Falcor was such a character! When grandpa and grandma would come visit, Falcor would always come over to us and want loves and he would give it back to us. Sometimes when he would be lying down, I would go pat him and he would all of a sudden jump up and scare me. My son would tell me he's snapping! All Falcor wanted to do is give loves and receive loves. Falcor would prance around being so proud of himself. Falcor enjoyed getting dressed up for the holidays (we will certainly miss the laughs of seeing him dressed up)... he was very photogenic, actually smiling in a lot of his pictures!! Our poor little Penny dog will miss her big brother. The grandchildren will miss him tremendously, he would let the grandchildren do whatever they wanted to him. He enjoyed the attention and he knew they would give him snacks or he would just go by and take their snacks. We will miss him it won't be the same without our big gentle polar bear. You are no longer suffering and we will all think of you always! RIP Falcir, Grandma and grandpa love you along with everyone who has met you!Lynn & Joe Ault - February 12, 2020
Such a sweet boy!Kristin Milisi - February 12, 2020

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