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Jack, aka Pinky Snuggle-Boots was such an awesome cat. He was a well loved member of the family and I am sorry for your loss. He was truly lucky to be a part of your family as you were to have him.Gina Marsh - October 3, 2019
For the past 15 years, whenever Lisa, Rob, and more recently, also Dominic and Violet, went on vacation, I would mind Jack & his "sister" Daisy. Jack was a big, beautiful, sweetheart; he was like sunshine. So, I feel he was a little bit mine, too, and I will miss him very, very much. Lisa and Rob are so kind and devoted to their pets, and are to be commended .

As difficult as the loss of our pet friends is, they give us unconditional love and make us laugh, keep us company, and comfort us. All of this makes it so worth the final pain we must endure at the end of our journey together.

Thank you Dr. Sally for your compassionate support toward our family.
Janet Oginski - October 3, 2019
Jack had the best personality. He was sweet, sensitive and loving. He loved to snuggle with Lisa and would purr so loud he sounded like an engine. He was truly a happy cat and I’m going to miss him so much.Rob D - October 3, 2019
I am so sorry for your loss and heartbreak. He was a beautiful cat! I truly believe he will show up in all animals and always be near. Sending love!Andrea MacKechnie - October 2, 2019
It was an honor to have been a part of Jacks life. Thank you Lisa for trusting me with their care and i’ll Never forget jack. He was such a gentle and affectionate little kitty. When I came to take care of them he would always come right out when I called him and would immediately expect scratches. It was a true honor. I’ll miss you Jack xoxoTracy Bartelloni - October 2, 2019
We are so so sorry for your loss of Jack. He was so loved and will be greatly missed.Sherrie Renzi - October 2, 2019

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