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Cathy & Robert, I'm so deeply Sorry to read about Sassy tonight... my deepest apologies that I had not read this before now, to send my condolences much much sooner than now. I know your sadness of her parting is still painfully lingering so greatly in your hearts. The joy & love these little furbabies bring us, is never forgotten in our sweet memories of them.. I'm so sorry....
. -|-
Brenda Wright - March 26, 2020
Run free at the rainbow bridge sweet girl. If you see a big sweet boy named Hank, follow him. He will show you where all the good toys and treats are.The Lins Family - September 21, 2019
She sure was one lucky little girl to have been loved so much by you both. May she rest now until we see each other all again in paradise.Patti Brehm - September 13, 2019
Rest in peace sweet Sassy!Nan Laas - September 13, 2019
Sassy, Grandma and Grandpa will miss you. We loved you and your sweetness. We will miss you greeting us at the door when we come to you old home. Yogi will miss your scent on us after we have seen you. We are grateful that you will no longer have pain, can see and hear again. Enjoy playing with Tobie and I know he will watch over you and take care of you. You have a great Daddy and Mommy who love you and are really missing you. Again, we will all miss you at our gatherings...πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’ž you!Don and Margaret Ansohn - September 13, 2019
Sassy, Grandma house and Grandpa will miss you greeting us at the door. ☹️. Yogi will miss your smell on us after we have been to your home. We love you.πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ Thankful that you are in no more pain and can hear and see again. πŸ˜ƒYou and Tobie have a great time playing together. You are a sweetheart....😍 Again we live you and you will be missed by everyone....Grandpa and Grandma Ansohn - September 13, 2019
So sad to hear of y’all losing your fur baby. Love and hugs, my long-time friendsπŸ’•Jackie Pressley - September 12, 2019
Sassy girl, you go run and play to your hearts content. You will be missed but never forgotten.Hattie Garcia - September 12, 2019
.Sonya Garza Carlson - September 12, 2019
Sassy was so sweet and loved by all!!! Heaven gained a definite angel! YouAbbie Weaver - September 12, 2019
Letting you go has been so very hard. I hope you are at peace our precious furr baby. Thank you so much for your love and loyalty over the years. You are greatly missed.Cathy Ansohn - September 10, 2019
Sassy was so loved!!! Even though she is not physically here, she will be waiting in Heaven with her brother for you enjoying her roadhouse steak. May all the love you shared and amazing memories keep them both alive forever in your hearts until you meet again πŸ’•Christina Guillory - September 10, 2019
Baby girl, Daddy and Mommy love and miss you so much. You brought such joy and happiness to our lives and our lives just feel so empty without you there. I am so glad that you arent suffering through the dementia junk anymore but the selfish side of me wishes you were still here. Tell your Bubba Mommy and Daddy said hello and we love him too. Tell him we said to take care of his little sis and protect you. We love you with all of our hearts and our lives will never be the same without you here. Play and run in the parks and fields and enjoy your new and perfect health.Robert Ansohn - September 9, 2019

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