Achilles Cobb
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I wish I could have met him but from listening to all the stories I know he was a great boy!!! My condolences to the Cobb family.Daisy Rodriguez - September 10, 2019
This big lover of a puppers scared me the minute my sister got him. I never wanted a dog that could ‘walk me’ and I sorta always thought my sister felt the same way. But you fall in love with a heart, not a breed, or a size. I thought he was too big, too rambunctious, too much. I didn’t realize that the too much was of love. He was the gentlest giant to his little sister Alysen, there are so many pictures of her riding him like a small pony, pulling on his ears, and he just looked at the camera. I finally learned after trying to go on walks with Nicole with him and trying to play- when she was trying to convince me he wasn’t so bad after all, and he knocked into us or tried
To run ahead like a protector, that to get him to wait for you to throw the rope you just had to tell him to back up! Then he couldn’t snatch the toy out of your hand before you could throw it. He was so protective of his home, and adored his mom so much. I am so sorry to see him go but the love he gave and the great life he had with the Cobbs will be a memory they have forever.
Lindsay Strean - September 10, 2019

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