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Moe was a special little boy. He liked having me rub his tummy and the treats I’d sneak him. 😀 He liked being out in his big yard in the sunshine playing with Slinky. Now he’s with Curly, Gus and Gabby and together they’re all having so much fun in the sun. We love all our puppies so much. It’s good to know they’re happy together.Sarah Scott - November 14, 2019
I remember most the first time I saw Moe: I was so amazed how he leapt from end table to sofa to floor to coffee table, flying around the room in a whirlwind! He had no idea that he was a Dachshund, with a supposedly "weak spine" that he should be protecting. Every time that I came to see and treat Slinky, Moe was a little wild man, who loved attention but couldn't be tied down for a second! When he came here to my office, our mascot the Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot, Sara, fell in love with his little whip of a tale and learned to say his name, "Hello, Moe-Moe!" She'd sing and whistle and chatter while he ran around he cage in circles, tail flailing, as happy to see her as she was to see him. I think she loved his liveliness and energy as much as I did. Mr. Moe will definitely be missed around here!!"Dr. Becky" Verna - November 12, 2019
He will be missed very much. I'm gonna miss the licks I get when I visit. He poured on the love when my daughter showed up. He was her buddy. Never left her side when she was there. Nothing but sorrows and tears. Love you MoeJason Taylor - November 11, 2019

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