4/1/2005 - 6/17/2020Portia was a scrappy black kitty with a bum knee, originally hailing from the mean streets of Baltimore. She was our Halloween cat, adopted two weeks prior to the holiday in 2005. Wild and crazy as a young cat, she worried her mom almost to death by trying to dart out the door at every opportunity, and once led us on a three-week chase (when we met a LOT of other black cats and our wonderful cat-sitter-to-be, who orchestrated her re-capture). She and my son (a.k.a. her brother) grew up together; she was always his best friend, and got him through some hard, hard times (especially middle school, ugh, and a number of deaths--of human relatives--in the family). Her health problems started piling up--thyroid issues starting age 9, IBD at 11 1/2, and terrible arthritis--but through it all, she mellowed into a really sweet cat who loved napping on top of her dad, grooming her brother's hair, and watching PBS with Mom. It was so hard to say goodbye, but it had gotten to the point where we couldn't keep her comfortable anymore. Thank you to Dr. Jessica and Lap of Love for helping us let her go the way she deserved.Jennifer RobertsReston, VirginiaJune 26, 2020
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Jennifer and Ray
I am so happy that I met you wonderful people through Portia's adventure while lost for 3 weeks. We were not going to give up. Once becoming Portia's sitter we became close. I will treasure us sitting by the front door people watching and being teased by a partiular Chipmunk that would dash by the door. LOL
She loved gentle brushings but would hiss (cuss) at me when she had enough. As Portia began not feeling well and towards the end, she never cussed when giving her meds 2x a day. I will always remember her
soft meow. Those big gold eyes. Shinny black fur which I nick named her "Black Beauty"
Portia.....you had the BEST parents and son while here on Earth. I know when time comes you will see the family again. I love you forever. You will always e in my heart.
Much love and smooches baby girl.

Love Auntie Cathy
Cathy Peterson - July 4, 2020

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