11/26/2002 - 9/23/2019It has been two months since I last heard your squeaky little meows, or your crazy night time yowls, or your too long claws skittering down the hall. I miss the most your cuddles, my champion of coziness. I miss watching you become less fearful and more social. I miss chatting with you every morning and saying goodnight to you every evening. I miss how easily you forgave me for whenever I had been away and am still a bit heartbroken to know that you would wait by the door for me when I was out of town. I maybe miss petting your super soft fur even more than the cuddles, no, I take it back, your cuddles were the best. You loved a good brushing and a chin-scratching. I miss interpreting what you were trying to tell me. You got so good at expressing yourself. Like when you’d walk into the bathroom when I was in there, staring into your unkempt litterbox, looking up at me, looking back at the box and then waking out without using it. Or leading me to the living room, jumping up to your favorite spot on the couch, and rubbing your face on your brush as you gazed up at me. Thank you for being so good at telling me when it was time to let you go. You made the most difficult decision I can ever recall making, just a little bit easier. Rest easy, my dear sweet Kiki kitty! I’ll always remember the comfort you provided me through so many ups and downs. Thank you for the 9 wonderful years together!Sarah ValluzziSeattle, WashingtonNovember 26, 2019
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Rest in peace, sweet Kiki. You are greatly loved and missed.Ashleigh Rhoades - November 27, 2019

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