Magic Clyde
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Magic has touched my heart forever. See you on the other side brave boy.Deanna Calvetti - June 24, 2014
We miss you Magic, I am sure you are romping around in the dog park in heaven. You are especially eating all the goodies as you sit and stare with those hopeful eyes. There are no more lumps, bumps, or e collars in your way.Margie Stierle - June 24, 2014
Lucky Magic, he had a wonderful life here with you Sally and family. His 5AM walks around the block, nice weather, rainy weather you had to pull him along and then there was the snow/ice when he had to pull you along. You shared so many great stories about Magic, I feel I knew him well. Then in the twilight years of his life you did everything you could for him but in the end you let him cross over that Rainbow Bridge when he was ready. I can't help but think he is now playing with all those other pets that went before him. I asked Jake to greet him at the bridge and show him the "ropes" so to speak. And as I know our God is a loving God, our pets will be waiting for us when we make that journey over our Rainbow Bridge. Rest well and have fun Magic.Lynda Shrom - June 15, 2014
So sorry for your loss. I know that a dog is such an important family member.
Sending love and a tail wag from Bacho and me.
Alice Hardesty - June 13, 2014
To Magic,

There are some folks who think you were just a dog.......but we know better......we know you were one of us.

. Sandi and Don Fleischer
Sandi Fleischer - June 12, 2014
To Magic, our sweetness: I know you're running and playing, restored in body, full of expression and energy. We miss you so much on this side. Please visit. Your absence is heavy. I can only hope to love with the openness that you did. Thank you for loving me.Cynda Clyde - June 12, 2014
We love you Magic!Rob Hardesty - June 12, 2014
Hi Magic- enjoy your healthy romps in the meadows of Heaven.Sally and Bill Clyde - June 12, 2014

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