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I guess you could say that I was Broggi's "mother," as he and his three sisters were born in my house - the four of them were like tiny white mice. (It was quite a surprise later when they turned Siamese!) Their mother was a careless young thing, who couldn't be bothered with kittens, but we shut her up in a dog crate with her babies until she caught on. Little Broggi, runt of the litter. Beautiful big Broggi, all velvet and chocolate. He couldn't have had a sweeter life than with Chris and Fran. We miss you, lovely boy . . .Wendy Baesel - April 29, 2014
I was Broggies Grandpa..............He always curled up in my suitcase when I visited Chris and Fran.............He even came to visit me in Savannah......He was beautiful,friendly,soft and cuddly...........He is in Heaven with Bridgette and Max..Playing together and waiting for the time when we will all be reunited..........God bless all our babieschuck haynes - April 10, 2014
Rest well.David Foreman - April 9, 2014
Broggie was so fortunate to have such a wonderfully loving family and home. From one of my favorite books, Cat Heaven: "When a cat needs to "just simply ponder, he will watch the old house where he once lived and wandered." He will always be with you, always there...Irene Williams - April 9, 2014
Broggie was such a handsome guy! I have a cat that is also a music lover. I know your baby was in good hands with Dr. Kaleigh. Rest well, sweet boy. Sending lots of love and light your way. ~Dr. StenderDr. Katie - April 7, 2014
I lost my beloved Burmese boy last December and still visit this site. Ginseng was only 9 and had bladder cancer, it was a shock to lose him. I wanted to leave a message for Broggie, oh what a beautiful cat he was. I am partial to siamese. My other two girls are siamese mix rescues from the shelter. Broggie knew how much you loved him I'm sure. Each pet is wonderful and unique and brings something special to our lives. What would we do without that unconditional love? May Broggie rest in peace and may he find my Ginseng in heaven, his fellow meezer.gina s - April 7, 2014
Your family is thinking of you BroggieChris H - April 7, 2014
Rest in Peace sweet boy. I'll miss you.Doreen Smith - April 6, 2014
A great one. Gone where the good kitties go.Jim Tolles - April 6, 2014
Your Broggie obviously lived the good life! So sorry for your loss!Janet Inmon - April 6, 2014
Kaleigh Mcvety - April 6, 2014
We love and miss you little man!Chris Haynes - April 5, 2014

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