6/6/1996 - 5/30/2014Bud was such a loving, faithful friend, to the entire family. He loved being around all the grandkids and would wander around the house looking for them after they would leave. We all love you Bud and will miss you greatly.Trish DinseFairfield, CaliforniaJune 4, 2014
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Ever time I'm over Michelle's house, I always stare at the spot Bud used to lay. We would always tripped over him..and he would follow Michelle everywhere.

We truly miss you Bud..From the adults down to the kids.
Christina Tran - June 5, 2014
Peace to all of your 2-legged pack members Bud. We know they all miss you!Angie Hines - June 5, 2014
Sorry for your loss of a long time friend love alwaysgary vincent - June 5, 2014
So sorry to hear about BudPaula Humphreys - June 4, 2014
Your unconditional love will always be rememberedCromwell - June 4, 2014
Bud was the best dog. He got compliments all the time from family, friends, and strangers. He was so well behaved and smart. A fighter for sure. I am so glad Jayden got a chance to officially meet and greet Bud. Bud will forever be in our hearts and memories. Love you, Bud!Amy Lee - June 4, 2014
Trish Dinse - June 4, 2014
We love you Bud! Hope your enjoying doggy heaven and running around and eating that big juicy bone. We miss you!Michelle Tran - June 4, 2014

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