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Missing you Belly! You were my baby girl. Hurricane Irma changed your salt marsh trail, but your view of the ocean from atop of the dunes remains the same. Your forever memorial spot may look different, but it will always be on the shore, under the big blue sky. Love you precious Bell Bell!Nichole Brosch - February 13, 2018
Oh Sweet Belly, another holiday without you. The years may be going by - but the pain of missing you is still very strong. I love you Bell Bell!!!Nichole Brosch - November 29, 2015
Things are so different. This is usually when I start planning your famous annual Christmas card. Hard to believe this will be the first card in ten years - without your smiling face on it. Oh Belly - what a star you are! Molly has a big job to fill as the soul card cover girl. Of course you'll always be my favorite model. XOXOXOXOXONichole Brosch - November 14, 2014
The holidays arn't the same without you Sweet Bell. We miss you more than ever. XOXOXOXONichole Brosch - November 14, 2014
Thank you so very much for your kind words. My sweet Belly girl was exceptional in every way! My very best friend. I am very sad to hear of your loss. Daisy is surely watching over you - playing with Bell Bell. Bella was about 12 and a half, and had no signs of slowing down. No arthritis or ailments - when she developed a sudden limp. In what I thought would be a retinue senior exam, where they would suggest a joint supplement - they instead discovered osteosarcoma and gave her 2-3 weeks to live, due to the the cancers ability to spread from the bone to the organs. Shocking news. Well, in typical Bella fashion, she proved them wrong and the cancer did not metastasis to her abdomen. However, after 4 months - the bone mass and pain in her shoulder grew beyond a reasonable threshold and when Bella spirit began to shutter - I knew she was ready to take a final rest. She truly gave her all in everyday, to make my life better. She came into my life when I needed her most. She was my divine intervention.

We will all certainly meet again in the fields of heaven, where there is no pain, no fear - and only joy! Daisy and Bella’s light shines bright, and if you look hard enough, on a clear, dark night, you will see the twinkle of their eyes - in the stars - a wink, to let you know that everything is OK!

Much love and kindest regards,
Nichole Brosch - August 13, 2014
I am really touched by Bella Rein's story, though I never knew her I feel as though I did, by your beautiful tribute a wonderful photos. We lost our dog of 11 1/2 years in September 2013 it was really hard on us all, Bell ' s story reminds me of my sweet daisy girl (she was a beautiful lab/shepherd mix). Your Bella was so blessed to have an owner who loved her as much as you obviously do. How old was your sweet Bella? Did she just pass from sweet old age? I believe that our beloved pets will meet us when we get to heaven, I comfort myself with this knowledge all of the time, I hope Bella and Daisy are playing together and waiting in anticipation of seeing their beloved people again. :)Sierra Marks - August 12, 2014
Missing you soooo much Belly. oxoxoxoxoNichole Brosch - June 27, 2014
I called her my Bella-li-cious because she was such a sweet sweet dog. She loved coming to visit me and when we came to visit at her house. We loved to pet her and watch her play with her many toys. We loved to watch her swim in our pool, which she loved to do. She enjoyed walking around the back yard looking for squirrels and people on the golf course. We missed her this Christmas opening her gifts. She always knew just which ones under the tree were hers. She could not have had a more loving person caring for her than NIchole and then Kevin came into her life and he loved her just as much and Bella loved him. We will miss her and know that she is running with the wind now and loving it..... Rest in peace our sweet Bella.....Jane and Al Majeski - December 28, 2013
Ms. Brosch,

This memorial brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful way to pay tribute to such an amazing life! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful photos of sweet Bella. I know how much you must miss her, but as you said you will see her again one day. I know you are thankful that she is now running around, free from pain and acting like a puppy once again. Thank you for allowing us to provide her with her final care. May the memories you guys made live in your heart forever and provide comfort during the days to come.

Kelly Ferguson and the Paw Prints Pet Crematory Family
Kelly Ferguson - December 18, 2013
Sweet Bella, you are missed. Everything about you was large in size, your love, your kisses...your tail. You have left a void that cannot be replaced but somehow will be healed in knowing that you are in a better place. Nichole you were an amazing companion to Bella as she was to you. I love you both.Tammy Gregg - December 17, 2013
She had a great life and knew that she was loved. We all share in your loss. So sorry.Kaye PVAH - December 17, 2013
You gave Bella such a good, full life, Nichole. You were two blessings bound for each other. Rest in peace, Bella.Elise Brosch - December 17, 2013
Beautiful Bella. Full of life, living every day. Nichole, she was by your side when you needed her the most and you were there for her when she needed you. She will always be in your heart. You give so much love to so many. Know that you are very loved by many.Angela Beugen - December 17, 2013
Though I never met her, it looks like she was truly a great friend and companion. I know she will be missed.Geoff Spalmacin - December 17, 2013
You will be truly missed Bella! Bella was so friendly and always loved unconditionally and the way her tail wagged everytime I saw her!! :)Gerry Brosch - December 17, 2013
Nichole, What a beautiful memorial. You two truly were a great match and I am glad that I was able to help out in a small way. I am very sorry for your loss but know she is in a better place and pain free. (((HUGS)))Dr. Alicia - December 16, 2013
We miss you Bella, RIP and have fun playing with Laura!Gigi Brosch-Coombs - December 16, 2013

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