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Happy Birthday little man. Missing you and Louie every day but know you are hanging around the yard still with me. I can sense you are there. Lots of trees these days. Cat still roaming around in the yard too.

Love ya Boys,
. white - February 24, 2020
Hey boys, you've been on my mind and i just wanted to talk to you. It seems like forever since i had to let you both go,it doesn't really get any easier. I have a big giant goof keeping me company these days as you know ,she helps but i miss my boys. What i would give to see you guys even for just a minute. Thank you for coming to me in my dreams. I hope grandma is looking after you good snd giving you lots of love and treats ,be nice to delilah and give grandma kusses for me. Talk to you soon. Aawhooowooowooo ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒˆ i love you bothJill Mom - September 3, 2019
Happy Birthday little man a few days late. Keep forgetting about your little page here with Louie but not your birthday or Big Louie'. Funny thing is I remember when you guys left more than your big birthdays. Need to paint your memorial stone as it has faded a bit. Can't believe how long you boys have been gone now. Still not easy. Time has helped me a bit and remembering all the good memories and how much fun with you and Big Lou in those days has eased the pain. No other puppies have captured this old heart and probably never will. . Rooski Booski boys and hoping you are with me in the yard checking on things..

Miss and love you bunches,xoxo
dad white - February 27, 2019
Hi boys! Mom misses you . I hope your taking care of each other and grandma. I wish you could've met sundae,shes no replacment but has helped me alot and eased my pain from your absences. I hope your having fun together, give grandma kisses for me. Be good, i live you and miss you everyday. Thinking of you all always. Love momJill Schlefstein - July 5, 2018
Happy 4th of July Louie and Luther.. Missing you guys so much and thinking of you in particular Luther today as I know how frightened you would get with the fireworks celebration. Here's hoping you and Louie are having lots of fun these days wherever you are. Cant believe its been over 4 years since you left and Louie over 5. Where does the time go. Keep howlin boys. Love you and miss you so much

jeff white - July 4, 2018
Hi little man ! Of course we are thinking about you today just likecwe do everyday , 3 yrs since u had to go . I hope you and Louie are doing ok , we miss you deeply . I'd give anything to snuggle you boys again. I need you to do me a favor and look out for your dad , he's having a real hard time and could use some guidance. Love u boys , give Louie a kiss for me . Love momJill Schlefstein - March 24, 2017
Luther its been 3 years already today you left for greener pastures. Never ever have I missed you and Louie more. Hope you are having lots of fun these days. Big hugs and kisses

jeff white - March 23, 2017
Thinking about you and your babies. There are no words that can make it better. They are watching and protecting you. Now they are your angels. XoxoxoxxSTACY LARSEN - June 9, 2014
Thinking of u & louie sweet baby boys . I miss you both so muchJill Schlefstein / white - June 8, 2014
I know it was so difficult to make the brave and loving choice to set your sweet boy free. This was was the most amazing gift you could ever gave given him. What a beautiful darling Luther was!! Clearly you and Jeff had an indestructible bond with him that will transcend space and time. He is now with Louie, Raisin, and my sweet Fiona!! She is the one chewing on the celestial bone!! What a team they will all make until we meet them one sweet day in Joy and Glory!! They have their beautiful angel wings, running, playing together and pain free!! Thank you for posting those gorgeous photos, they brought tears to my eyes. They truly show the beautiful love that will continue on, between you, Jeff, Louis and Luther until that sweet day when you cross the bridge and are all together once more. Thinking of you, Jill and Jeff, and sending love, hugs and prayers to you. Your sweet little boys are thanking you for your unselfish love, and watching over and protecting you.Cheryl Wyatt - March 25, 2014
Him and his brother gave us 14 years of love and happiness. I miss my sweet little main so much it hurts, and his big brother Louie who passed 07/09/2013Jill White - March 25, 2014
Dear Luther,
I know with all my being you are in Heaven with Louie. This knowledge and faith is the only reason those left behind can learn to breath and smile again. You are pure love and goodness and so deserve to spend Eternity in absolute bliss. I rest easy knowing you are watched over by Angels and loved by God. I want you to go find my Raisin, she is the plump chocolate Lab eating Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream-you can't miss her. She will show you where the doggy door is so you can come visit like she does once in a while. I know your daddy, Jeff, needs this so don't stay away too long. Use those new found Angel Wings to explore Heaven and create a bit of mischief with Louie! Now you can run and fly, there is no stopping you! You are forever loved, to the depths of Infinity and Eternity. Love, Dr. Laura
Laura Allison - March 25, 2014

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