8/5/2008 - 4/28/2016Betty was a gentle giant. At 115 lbs, she intimidated a lot of people. But when you entered our home you quickly found out that Betty just loved being loved. If you were sitting, Betty was there, available to be pet. Which we did! How could you resist? Betty came to us when she was 2. Living most her life in a kennel and then thankfully with a friend, Betty never got the attention that a puppy should get. She wasn't played with, adored or even had experience with other dogs. When a friend rescued her, he started giving her the life she deserved, but circumstances led Betty to yet another home and I thank Don for that. When I first brought Betty to the dog park, she didn't know how to play with other dogs. All she wanted in life was to be loved. During our 6 years together, I have watched Betty learn to play with other dogs, big and small, and become the confident girl she was meant to be. She had 2 pack mates that she loved and they loved her in return. I watched her grow and learn new things and not be afraid of the world. Betty, I never knew I would love you so much. My heart is torn to shreds without you and I don't know how Amos will be without you. I will never forget my sweet gentle giant.Laurie FoxFort lauderdale, FloridaMay 1, 2016
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So sorry Laurie. It's their only fault really. They don't live long enough.Cathi Durkin - May 3, 2016
So sorry you lost your precious.Deb Johnson - May 3, 2016
She was a wonderful dog and I enjoyed petting her, especially the week I spent in NC. She was so lucky to have your family in her life. She was a loving dog, truly a gentle giantCarol Elder - May 3, 2016
๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป, well said!
Love you guys!
Louise Fogarty - May 2, 2016
A beautiful tribute to Betty, a sweet sweet girl. Rest in peace. Love and hugsJan and Dad Amos - May 2, 2016

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