12/21/2003 - 7/3/2016Our sweet Brutus......Your Dad begged me for months for a "puppy-uppy".......He found a listing on Petfinder and off we went to a little farm in South Carolina.....I could feel it in my bones, I would be coming home with a puppy that day.....when we arrived, your sisters were nipping and yelping....I wasn't so sure, until I looked over and saw you quietly sitting to the side observing the scene.....I asked to hold you, and fell in love with that tiny 8 week old pup......the owner didn't want us to take notice of you, because you were the last boy and the sweetest of the bunch.....we took you directly to the pet store, spoiled you like crazy, before you hopped right out of the shopping cart onto the have been our treasured best friend, protector, and let us love on you even when you had always watched over my three babies almost as if they were your were there for me when I was sick and at times wasn't sure if I could go on.....Your Uncle Dave adored you and I think he often traveled to visit you more than us!......Your grandparents, our friends, and extended family loved you too.......We'll miss our walks, your slobbery kisses, and the calm sweetness you brought to our house. Until we see you again my free, I know those fast legs are working like magic again xo.Andrea BrownLake Worth, FloridaJuly 4, 2016
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Brutus was such a sweet boy!!! He will be missed.Kimberly Moore - July 10, 2016
So very sorry for the loss of your fur baby Brutus.AnnMarie Cataldo - July 10, 2016
Knowing that our 4-legged family members are safely and happily over the Rainbow Bridge doesn't make it easier, but it does let us know that they are never far away. They leave big paw prints and sloppy kisses on our hearts for always.Mari Timpanaro - July 10, 2016
I only met him once...but that was enough to see and share in his love. March on sweet Brutus!!!Jennifer Love - July 10, 2016
He was one of those very special dogs that will live forever in your hearts. What a blessing that your kids had such a wonderful friend as their first pet.Teresa McDaniels - July 10, 2016
Brutus was a 'gentle giant' ... couldn't believe he could rest his chin on the table during our visit to Chatlotte 💕Donna Prawetz - July 10, 2016
I'm so sorry for your loss. May your sweet Brutus run free at the Rainbow Bridge.Cathy Kipp - July 10, 2016
In memory of a very special companion.Dr. Matt - July 8, 2016
I always felt my daughter and her family was safe because of Brutus watching over them. I will really miss him. He was my first Grandpup!Karen Timpanaro - July 5, 2016

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