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What an incredibly sweet and adorable kitty, thank you for sharing the very touching pictures and words. You were so lucky to have her for so long and be so close; I am so sorry for your loss.Glen Harris - January 2, 2014
I love you and miss you.John Crews - December 6, 2013
Kaia (I called her Kayak) was an unusual kitty from the beginning. She had white sox, white moustache, and white design on her belly. And she had beautiful babies -- Mike and Shaq -- after an escape in Denver. Glad to have seen and been a part of some of the adventures of Casper and Kaia.Sue Dowdy - December 5, 2013
Sweet Kaia, you will be missed more then your sweet heart could ever imagine. You played with my daughter Isabella and were the sweetest girl ever! Thank you for your love and affection. Thank you for taking sweet care of your mommy! You will forever be in my heart! Love, MelMelissa Williams - December 5, 2013
Love you Kaia BelleCasper Crews - December 5, 2013

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