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Casey was such a wonderful dog. She was not only loyal and kind but, she had such a unique personality that she's the reason wanted a terrier of my own. Queso, your "brother", "sister" and "nieces" will always miss you and will think about you often. I hope you have all the people food you could ever want've earned it!Jeff Hill - March 12, 2014
I love you my special little girl! I'll keep you in my heart forever.
Your "Mom"
Linda Hill - March 11, 2014
What a beauty! She went through hair color just like me :) She was so gentle and kind, and I will never forget her greeting me with one kiss, and then going and laying on her nice comfy bed. All my love to you, and your 8 year old puppy, the wonder dog! Keeping you in my prayers and sweet Casey in my heart.Dr. Katie - March 11, 2014
Rest in peace precious Casey. Your family will always love and miss you. Please play with my Fiona until be all meet again one sweet day!Cheryl Wyatt - March 10, 2014
Your aunt janet will miss you so much! You will always hold
A special place in my heart. Maddie will miss you too! I hope
You run into Lucy & will hang together.
Janet Nodine - March 10, 2014

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