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Dear Xena,

Whenever I meet a young compassionate soul in the future, I'll wonder if this being is the manifestation of your rebirth. Though we never met in person, I know you through the stories and love of your family. May that young be carried through many of our lifetimes.
Eileen Heidenheimer - June 5, 2014
Dear Xena,

Thank you for showing what love is through your love for Tracy and family. It takes dogs like you show us how to love and find peace. And while I never met you personally, I can feel the love you passed on to Tracy through her kind thoughts and actions.
Courtney Schaefer - June 4, 2014
Xena may you be free from suffering and find a fortunate rebirth. (maybe you already have. I think so!) We are grateful for the love you and Tracy shared. You helped light up her life with unconditional doggie love.Hillary Johnson - June 2, 2014
Hi Tracy,
We have not met but you signed a candle for my dog Mocha. I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I understand your loss. Our girls hold special places in our hearts that are special only for them. My thoughts are with you.
Vikki Walker - June 2, 2014
RIP sweet Xena!Brenda Royal - June 2, 2014
Xena, while I've never met you in person, you and your Mom have touched me more than you'll ever know. Your Mom gave you the greatest gift of unselfish love and let you cross the Rainbow Bridge to run free with the wind and be whole again. RIP sweet Xena and hugs to your Mom.Terri Manayan - June 2, 2014
Xena was an amazingly lucky girl to have found your family to care for her so well! I know you miss her terribly, but you made such a kind and loving choice for her. I am sure she would thank you if she was able.Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - June 1, 2014

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