8/19/2001 - 11/17/2013Our love for you lives on forever more.Lou Ann DeversNorwood, North CarolinaNovember 18, 2013
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"Tobie", you've been a wonderful grand kitty!Malcolm Devers - November 19, 2013
One of the special memories of Tober for me is how he loved my Dad. When we would visit, Tober would cuddle up on Dad's lap. The memory brings a smile to my face.Bonnie Ferris - November 19, 2013
We miss you Tober!!Britney & Greg - November 19, 2013
What an amazing, sweet cat. We love you Tober!Beth Medina - November 19, 2013
Tober enriched my life and childhood. Thanks to an amazing and lovable member of my family.Tiffany Pardue - November 19, 2013

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