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Its hard to believe its been a year since I saw your sweet face and those big, brown eyes. Eyes that I always gave in to. We think about you, your sister and brother all the time. I will be in the kitchen and trip over what seems to be nothing. Its as if you are still there. On the rug, right under my feet, as you wait for me to cook dinner and with hopes something will fall your way. 5pm is boring now. We always knew in the evening what time it was because like clock work at 5pm you would start to beg for your dinner lol. You would get that goofy grin on your face. Sit on your back legs and whine and bark until dinner was ready. This could go on for hours lol. With age your hearing started to fade. Without fail when we would whistle to get your attention you would look the other way. To this day when your daddy and I whistle at one another to get each others attention we will look the other way and laugh and remember you with smiles. You are missed my sweet CiCi boo. We will always hold you close to our hearts. Love, MomJV Curd - February 20, 2015
Hi my little Angel. It is your sisters Birthday today and I know much you and your brother loved a Birthday! That meant lots of treats for you lol. Its hard without my fur babies. But I know you are happy and pain free. The treats and naps are endless. I miss you CiCi boo.
Love Mom
JV Curd - February 19, 2015
My dearest CiCi

As you already know, your sister Maeda passed this Tuesday night and should be with you and your brother now. The house feels so empty but Im trying to remember all of you with smiles and laughter. You all brought so much happiness into my life and everyones life you touched. We love and miss all of you.

Love, Mom
Joy VanDruff - September 19, 2014
watch over your family and remain in their hearts.
~Dr. Dana
Dana Lewis - April 21, 2014
My dearest CiCi....As I watch your sister sleep I cant help wish you were here for us to hug and hold. Maeda looked for you last weekend when we went to Uncle Eds and Aunt Dawns in the Mountains and again when we got home. I still think I hear you walking through the kitchen and miss you under my feet. I miss you snorning and all your doggie dreams! Thank you and Bacchus for helping guide Ruby home to her mother and brother. She was so worried and scared for her and I know Dewey missed her. Though I know you are in a better place that doesnt mean we dont miss your sweet face. You will always be loved stinker boo. Hugs and treats to you....Love youMom - April 1, 2014
I just lost my Missy Cheeks to Lymphoma. She was euthanized at home which is by far, the best option for our family members. She was a stray cat who found her way into our hearts and home with her brother, Funny Head. She was part of our family for 10 yrs. and recently moved with the other cats from PA to FL in the back of a rented van, sitting stoically in a dog crate. She was a good girl and left this world on March 13, 2014 to a place with no more pain.
Alice Amareld
Amelia Island
alice amareld - March 13, 2014
Cici's in a much better place where there's no pain. She's probably chasing a squirrel right about now. You'll see her again because she'll be there waiting for her Momma.Andrea Anover - March 10, 2014
We miss you little buddy. hope you can chow and sleep in peace all day now! 🍖andrew curd - March 8, 2014
Cici - we hope you have a never-ending bag of treats in front of you and miss your beagle bark. Your sister is in good hands and will be equally spoiled. You made everyone that met you a better person and that is a special gift!Ed & Dawn Harr - March 8, 2014
We will miss you too, CiCi. You were really a sweet Beagle. We know you will be missed by all of your friends. You were a very special doggie, and no one can take your place. Love, Gran JanJanice Curd - March 8, 2014

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