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I miss you Moonie<3 Last night when i got home from work, it was so quiet and lonely:( as a habit, i went outside to play with you, then i forgot:( there's no barking, or howling, i didn't realize how attached i became to you, but now that your in doggie heaven, there is a huge void, you were my buddy, i'm going to miss playing with you and playing tug of war and spraying you with water, you loved to get wet, i don't think there is any other animal that loves the water like you did. You protected me when jess went into the army and you were the best watchdog a person could have. I LOVE YOU MOONIE MOO<3Teresa Prado - July 17, 2014
it would be an honor to light a candle for Moonie. What a beloved friend and companion for both you and your mother. Your story is beautiful in memories and in comfort; I also just lost my beloved pack member and best friend of 15+ years (Buddy Boy). I feel your grief, and also your joy with memories of Moonie and the continual greetings and joy felt upon your return from deployment. What a true friend indeed. Yes, we need them to fully live, they teach us so much.
Oceana McDaniel - July 17, 2014

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