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When your dog looks into your eyes they look to your soul and know you better than anyone. They love you unconditionally. They are always there to lift your spirits when you’re down. The wag of a tail, putting their head on your lap can change how your day goes or how your life goes.
Sassy was a blessing to everyone who was fortunate enough to get to know her. Her name was a perfect fit. Her attitude matched her “mom’s”. I saw a wonderful transition in Sue after she and Sassy found each other. I am so sad for your loss but soo happy for the wonderful time you two had and the great memories you will have for the rest of your life. I know it’s hard now but one day you will think about her and those memories will bring joy to your heart .
Steve Sterrett - October 14, 2019
I could tell that she was loved very much. You were both lucky to have each other.Dan Genatiempo - October 14, 2019
You are one of the best mom's out there!! Sassy was very lucky, and I can say, she knew it! Love, love, love......RIP SassyCindy Smith - October 12, 2019
God put you two together, because he knew you guys were perfect for each other.
Over 12 blessed years together. She is now spreading her blessings to those in Heaven, including Mom and Dad.
Grieve your loss, and remember all the good times.
Don't worry, she will check in on you from time to time.

RIP Miss Sassy.

Love you Sis.
Kurt Shepherd - October 12, 2019
Sassy thank you for being a part of Sue’s life! Two souls that held each other’s heart close!Shelly Hall - October 12, 2019
Sassy, you were such a joy! You are your mommy, Sue, were perfect for each other. I am so greatful for all of the pics, comments, and stories your mommy posted on Facebook. I grew to know and love you from watching you on Facebook. You touched so many other people and will be greatly missed.

Love, Dennis, Tom, and Oscar (our dog) 💓
Dennis Dorsey - October 12, 2019
Sassy was one of a kind! Filled with personality and spunk just like your Mama. It was impossible to not melt for you. You and your Mama completed each other. I'm so thankful you found one another. You truly enriched on another's lives.
I'm glad you are not suffering and I am sure you are already mentoring your new friends. RIP sweet girl. You will be missed!!!
Tyler Ray - October 12, 2019
Sassy was a wonderful dog with a vibrant, exuberant personality! She was so enthusiastic
with her doggie greetings! She was spunky and aptly named! I will miss her a lot and never forget her.
Laura Douthitt - October 11, 2019
Wow, all the wonder and heart felt messages! It was extremely hard to read due to all the flooding of my eyes! Sue it’s amazing how many people you and sassy have touched! I never got to meet her, but like other said we knew her from all your post and happy birthday wishes! I am so sorry for your loss but you were an amazing, loving, caring and giving momma🐾! Just remember she was loved and you are loved!Terri Matula - October 11, 2019

You are loved like no other. Your momma loves you with a ferocity that’s can’t be matched and I know that she would
Do it all again.


Kimberly Robinson - October 11, 2019
Rest easy, dear Sassy. You were called home too soon, but you gave far more than you took during your short time here. Thank you for taking such good care of Sue and for sharing your heart with so many. Our world is better because you were in it. See you on the other side.Al Larsen - October 11, 2019
What a lovely tribute your mommy has made. Sassy , you were so special and did touch so many lives. I have so many fond memories of our time togetherAmy McDonald - October 11, 2019
Sassy - you meant the world to your Mom and may the memories you shared comfort her. Please continue to watch over her.Lynn Larsen - October 11, 2019
If we are truly lucky in life, we get to have the joy of a companion like Sassy. We may have many pets, but companions, 4-legged children, are few & far between. We get to cherish them & the love & support they give us. I am so glad you found your companion in Sassy. I can so empathize with you, as you grieve. I’m know her spirit carries on, in your memories, the gifts she gave, the lessons she taught & the peace she continues to send you. Much love to you both.Marie Kern - October 10, 2019
Sassy and you found each other!

I’m terribly sorry that you’ve lost her.
Debra Benjamin - October 10, 2019
Sassy you you are so loved by your mama. Every conversation you we're brought up in. You put the biggest smile on your mom's face your bad ass just like she is. You were a mentor to all your puppy friends like your mother is to everybody else you had an amazing smile just like your mom you are kind and caring. I'm sorry that my boys and I never got to meet you but I feel like I know you so well from all the pictures and stories that were shared. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and kind things you've said to me.your mother will always love you .you will always be in her heart.Brittany Rehe - October 10, 2019
Sassy I miss your enthusiastic greetings and your solid doggy snuggles that go along with your hello. You were such a good girl and I know my boys loved playing with you at daycare, too. You were definitely people in doggy clothing. I am heartbroken you are not here and heartbroken for your mommy. I know you will always be around her and waiting for her at the end of her days. We love you Sassy!Jennifer Lehman - October 10, 2019
I am truly so sorry that Sassy is no longer with us. But I hope her memories & all the AMAZING time you spent with her Sue will bring you comfort & solace(and some smiles too). Just as lucky as you were to have Sassy ....Sassy was lucky to have had you as her mommy!Eileen Harrington - October 10, 2019
You will always be in your mom’s heart Miss Sassy! Play, run & have fun with all the other wonderful pups in heaven & keep sending momma signs! ❤️Tabitha Bowden - October 10, 2019
Sassy, thank you for sharing your gentle and kind spirit with me. When I think of you, I will always visualize you sitting on the couch, turned slightly away from me but with your outer leg splayed out so I could rub your belly. I will always think of your happy dance that you did when I came inside. You taught me that a strong beautiful woman can be sweet and loving. They way you healed spirits will always be missed. Keep visiting your human mom. She needs you! I love you, Sassy. We will see each other across the rainbow bridge some day. You are the best dog any human could be blessed to meet.Judy Nolan - October 10, 2019
In loving memory of sweet Sassy. You brought so much joy to your mommy and to so many others. Check on your momma and run and play in heaven. <3Gretchen Hale - October 10, 2019

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