9/14/2005 - 10/28/2019This is my letter to Squeaky the cat with the perfect stripe down the middle of her face.

You were a good kitty. You jumped into Tamara's arms and that was it. You were #4 that year, we really didn't need another cat, but you made it clear, no matter what, you were not ever going to leave Tamara. We tried to find you another home, but it was not to be, Tamara was the only one for you.

You loved to remind us how much you enjoyed sitting on our laps and sleeping on our heads. You loved to lick ears - cat ears, human ears, didn't matter, you liked ears. Oh, and pastrami! Sam stands up for treats and opens doors, not you. Except for pastrami: you would stand up and dance and carry on so for a bite of pastrami. Your most favorite prized possession was a little brown fake fur toy. After 14 years the fake fur is half worn off, and if it had a head or a tail, well that's long gone. You would dig your little "brown mousey" out of the toy box and carry it around the house, while letting out a sound that can only be described as desperate wailing. I put the mousey back in the toy box and would find it the next day on the bedroom floor, under the couch or swimming in the water dish. I really enjoyed playing chase with you: down the hallway, around the dining room chairs and table legs, up the stairs, back down again, until I was out of breath.

I see now that you are not well, that you are sicker than I thought you were. Little pukahontas, Squeaky Fromm, Olsen twin, pukalotis, what were we to think? You were such a drama queen and so unique. You had a good life, got to live in California and Florida, saw lots of different yards, survived a break-in (!) and still you loved us. Well, mostly Tamara, you totally imprinted on her.

You were a little cat, never more than 7 pounds on a good day, eating anything and everything it seemed, any kind of meat, and popcorn. You will be missed! Look for Max he will be waiting for you, and Halleberry and Molly, too.

Meow, Love, Mom #2
Sacramento, CaliforniaOctober 29, 2019
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